The term discrete graphics card is a synonym for dedicated graphics card, it is more of a technical term for it. Many new gamers face this problem while buying a graphics card. In this article, we will talk about everything related to this term.

What is a Discrete Graphics Card?

Well, first thing first this is another term used for dedicated graphics card and both of them are the same
thing. It is any other graphics card installed on one’s motherboard’s PCIe slots. It ranges from low budget
to high budget.

Simply discrete means independent. However, today many motherboards or pre-built PCs comes with
integrated graphics card so, what are the pros and cons of either of these graphics card.

Integrated graphics card are cheap because you are not spending extra money on any external graphics
card, whereas you need to buy an external graphic card if you want to use discrete/dedicated graphics
card which can cost you a lot if you want to play 4k games.

These integrated graphics comes with any Ryzen model with a “G” designation at the end of the model number or any Intel Core CPU that doesn’t have an “F” designation at the end of theirs.


Because of being cheap and integrated these graphics card cut performance, you can not play games at
very high settings. And that is what makes discrete graphics card an independent graphics card which have
its own function and can run games at 4k and any other high settings.

Discrete GPUs are designed with performance in mind, so they can reach higher clock speeds, they have
their own active cooling, they come with their own supply of fast video RAM (meaning that they don’t have
to share the system RAM with the CPU as integrated graphics do).

If you are going to play low end games then, AMD’s Ryzen APUs that come with Vega integrated graphics
performs more efficiently than Intel integrated graphics.


So if you are looking for any low budget or if you are going to play 2D graphics games then you should go
with integrated graphics card or if you are going to play games with high settings/4k then you should always invest some good amount in any discrete graphics card.

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