What are Gold Bars in Fortnite?, Fortnite has recently added a new form of currency in the game – gold bars. Players can use these bars to purchase weapons and upgrades. Here is how exactly you can earn Gold Bars in Fortnite.


  1. Epic Games has added a new form of currency in game – Gold Bars.
  2. Players can use this gold bars to not only purchase weapons but also hire NPCs.

Fortnite Season 4 was full of marvel characters and skins. Season 5 focuses on bringing
the story back to original form, as Agent Jones brings together the world’s greatest hunters
– including The Mandalorian – for a chaotic battle that will shape the future of The Island.

Apart from all of these there were also some major changes made to map, introduction
of new places like crystalline sands and bunch of NPCs which gives players quests and bounties.

However, in Season 5 you can use them for your benefit by hiring them to keep an eye
around you. But how do you hire these NPCs in Fortnite?


How to earn Gold Bars in Fortnite?

Gold Bars are in-game currency used in Fortnite.

The best way to unlock Gold Bars right now is to complete quests and bounties from NPCs on The Island. An another way to get these bars is by eliminating other players who have been carrying them around on the map with them.

Moreover, there are many hidden stashes placed around the map, which players will
reveal very soon, so keep an eye out on chests which can hold a small amount of these
gold bars.

Gold Bars can be used to upgrade your weapons, purchase new guns, or even hire NPCs as your own personal bodyguards. But only Time will tell whether these allies are useful or not. However, the addition of this new feature might make game more interesting as players have already decided who their favourite NPC character is.

Epic Games described the new Gold Bars in a statement, which said: “Earn bars by completing quests and bounties, eliminating players, or finding hidden stashes around the island. Spend your earned bars on new exotic weapons, upgrades, intel, services and more.”

Fortunately, these gold bars can not be purchased with real-life money which is a
great news for those who does not like to involve in micro-transactions.

How to hire Fortnite characters with Gold Bars?


Using your Gold Bars, you can actually hire characters as your allies in-game. This can be achieved by following these steps below:

  1. Load up Fortnite Battle Royale.
  2. Jump from the Battle Bus near one of the NPC locations.
  3. Approach a character, until a speech bubble appears.
  4. Interact and use your Gold Bars to purchase the character’s services.
  5. Now, they have been hired as your Bodyguard.

All Fortnite NPC locations

You already know how to hire these NPCs for your benefit, now where do you find these
NPCs on the map so here is a list of all the locations where they can be found.

This is created by meetlootlama on Instagram.


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