A new TikTok wedding video is going viral showcasing a man wearing a t-shirt and jeans for his church wedding while his bride wears a white wedding gown.

TikTok is known for making short videos go viral, people share all sorts of content on the platform ranging from challenges, comedy to fashion videos in hope of getting millions of views and likes.

That is not the limit of content there, people also share moments of their life in form of a short video that they want to remember forever.

TikTok user violetprice16x uploaded a clip on February 5 of her best friend, Catherine, telling her that “she ain’t gonna fall in love” a few months prior.

The video was followed by images of Catherine’s wedding. In the pictures, it can be clearly seen that the groom is wearing a T-shirt and Jeans while her bride is dressed up all beautiful in a white wedding gown.

The comment section was soon filled up with people slating the groom’s outfit, with some even calling it out as a  “red flag.”

“You’re telling me he turned up to his wedding in a palm angels shirt,” one commenter with nearly 100,000 likes read, another saying: “Did he not know he was getting married?”

Seeing a lot of hate towards the groom, the original poster of the video comes forward to stop this ranting.


However, the comments were still nowhere to stop, with people commenting things like “I get that she’s happy but jeans and shirt to ya wedding?” getting nearly 400 likes.

Neither the groom nor the bride has responded to their viral TikTok Wedding video yet, but the views are still counting, at the time of writing this the video has crossed over 2million views.

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