Let’s take a closer look at how xQc tries and fails to slide into Ice Spice’s DM using the A.I chatbot ChatGPT.

Twitch star xQc has been known for doing extreme things on the internet and on his recent live stream he tried ChatGPT to get an opener and slide into the DM of another online personality.

On March 24, a fellow Twitch streamer JustAMinx dared him to direct message singer Selena Gomez which he eventually did, but whether the singer/actress has replied to his DM or not still remains a mystery.

This was such a memorable dare event in his community that the streamer decided to recreate the same scenario after being inspired by the lyrics of Ice Spice’s “Princess Diana.”

But to spice things up, xQc planned to use the AI chatbot ChatGPT to write an opener for him but after looking at what the chatbot has suggested he decided to take matters into his own hand.

xQc tries and fails to slide into Ice Spice’s DM

xQc tried this live during his April 14 broadcast, drawing inspiration from Ice Spice’s own music video, where the lyrics invite listeners to “hit up her gram” and “act like a fan.”

Based on this, xQc directed ChatGPT to create a message which would impress Ice Spice and potentially lead to a live stream interview between her and xQc.

He eventually dropped the idea as ChatGPT began to compose an exceedingly long message that felt far too professional and stiff. As a result, the Twitch streamer opted to compose the message himself.

“I’m just gonna send a DM. I will say ‘hey’ with 8 y’s, and I will say ‘what’s up’, and then I’m gonna put an emoji, ice emoji, flush emoji, and then cowboy emoji. I sent it already. Is that bad,” asked xQc after sending the message.

Live viewers soon began grilling xQc, answering “yes” to his inquiry about if it’s awful, with one commenting, “bro has NO game.”

A similar circumstance occurred between Kai and SZA, with SZA taking note of Kai, who frequently declared that he was a tremendous fan of the singer. SZA expressed a desire to appear on one of his streams but was concerned about “embarrassing” herself.

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