A Leaker has some potential leak regarding upcoming 8 Vehicles in Warzone which includes a police car like H1Z1.

In games like Warzone, PUBG or any other game which have a larger map size – the transportation system plays a big role in the mobility of players.

Warzone features a ton of vehicles that can be used both as mobility of players or used as a weapon against players.

Well, developers have not been doing much on the vehicle side of the game, all the vehicles currently present in the game are the same as modern warfare and also has been for Black Ops Cold War.

Warzone new Vehicles leak

Leaks have been shared by renowned Leaker ZestyLeaks, in the past, he had dropped multiple leaks regarding the upcoming changes to Verdansk and some weapons that we might see in the game soon.


According to his shared information, there are total of eight vehicles in works for Warzone. Upcoming vehicles includes Police Car, a van, and a Fast Attack Vehicle with a mounted LMG.

Moreover, these vehicles are listed with a codename in the game files, like Big Bird, that seemingly refers to a new helicopter rather than a plane. The ‘Big Bird’ callsign is used in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for a transporter helicopter that’s similar to one found in the middle of the map Crash.


Another vehicle codenamed as ‘Medical Transport’ is said to be an “Ambulance” whose roots are from Warzone vehicles.

The leaker has not revealed what could possibly be the date of their release but for now, our best guess of the date is for “Season 3.”

Moreover, the officials might remove one or two vehicles from the list but we will let you know if something adds up to the story.

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