Call of Duty: Warzone Akimbo Sykov pistols are unbalanced and they are breaking the game mechanics with their 100% accuracy and no recoil exploit.

Akimbo Sykov is one of the most accurate weapons to be launch in Warzone and players have already been loving this weapon. And when you add some perks to the pistol it becomes a deadly monster on the map.

However, a new exploit is making the pistols even more deadly with 100% accuracy and almost no recoil at all.

Getting Sykov dualies is super easy in Warzone – you just need to get 4 kills from the pistol and you will unlock your Sykov. But you do need to complete the game after acquiring kills.

As soon as you unlock all the Akimbo Perks for your Sykov – you will realize that you now have 80 rounds mag with the full auto pistol.

Here is how the gun looks like while destroying enemies.


In the above video, we can see Warzone streamer Stukawaki demonstrating this exploit – we can clearly see Warzone Unbalanced Akimbo Sykov pistols with an absurd 100% accuracy.

Standing at some distance away from a wall, the streamer laughs along with his chat before firing a load of bullet straight on the wall, the bullets fired does not show even a little bit of deflection as they hit on his crosshair.


This is already trending in the community, many top players are already talking about this bug.

In the replies to Stu, Tommey (one of Warzone’s highest earners and a regular feature among the monthly power rankings), responded with obvious concern: “I was just about to hop on and this is the first thing I see this morning…”

After this video many other surfaced demonstrating just how easy it is to pull of this exploit in the Plunder playlist as well as in regular modes.

Well, we can not say just for how long this Warzone Unbalanced Akimbo Sykov pistols exploit is going to be present in the game.

But one thing is clear that players are demanding developers to fix this bug in the same time as they did for the God Mode Glitch.

God Mode Glitch were an another glitch in which players became immortal and it was impossible to kill them by any means.

Here is the video demonstration of what God Mode Glitch was:


Well, players did not get to enjoy this glitch for long as Raven Software quickly fixed the bug by retaining the “Most Wanted contract”.


“We’ve updated Warzone to no longer include the Most Wanted contract in the Verdansk BR playlist. This contract was linked to players entering an invincible state,” they said in their tweet.

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