Call of Duty Warzone stim glitch is back in the game with all its trouble – this glitch keeps enemies inside the gas for unlimited amounts of time.

In the ending months of 2020 Warzone was hit by a strange kind of stim bug/glitch which gave
immunity to players from gas, players were equipping Stim Shot in their tactical slot and was
sitting endlessly into the storm and wait for other players to die out from the gas while they
could endlessly keep regaining health.

This became such big trouble for players that the developers had to ultimately remove stim shot from the game as a whole and they did promise an upcoming fix for it.

After a period of time the glitch did vanish away but the Warzone stim glitch is back in the game
and players are now using it more often in the endgame scenarios.


There was a point when every player used to exploit the glitch in the last round and wait for other
players to die out from the storm, and now it is all back again and it had made it more worse than ever.

Currently we have no idea whether the glitch was part of January 6 update or it was present
before that, anyhow the big problem now is that it is in the game now.

As you can see in the clip below, from HugoSimpsonII on Reddit, players are once again abusing it, and it is becoming more and more prevalent as more and more players are coming to know about it.

The exact steps to use this exploit is not known maybe they are still being triggered by the old
method but we do will not advice you to use this exploit because you might end up getting
mass reported and banned from the game.

Activision is still to react on this issue, as more and more complaints are being reported by users
on the social media we hope they address this issue as soon as possible so that the stability in the
game returns back once again.

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