Infinity Ward has nerfed Warzone powerful Origin 12 shotgun and C4 in their new season 6 update, this is happening after a long request from players.

Call of Duty Battle Royale has always been dominated by powerful
weapons since the beginning and it is no lie that Origin 12 shotgun
was one of the deadliest close-quarter weapons for a long time.


In a single match you may have witnessed multiple players using
Origin 12 shotgun in close-quarters to destroy enemy teams,
Shotgun was one of the must use weapons for a long time,
However, apart from Shotgun C4 is also one of the most deadliest
equipment to blow up a couple of teams and their vehicles.

However, this all is going to change as Both the Origin 12 and C4 have been hit with nerfs in the latest patch notes and here is everything you need to know about these two legendary weapons before equipping them.

Warzone Origin 12 shotgun and C4 nerfed

C4 nerfed in Warzone Season 6


C4 is one of the commonly used equipments that everyone uses in
almost every match, however, this might not be the case now as
Warzone C4 is now nerfed along with Origin 12 Shotgun.

The nerf is a strategic nerfs and what we mean by strategic nerf is
that the weapon’s damage is not the only part which is reduced but
it is tweaked in so many other factors also.

There is now a “slight delay when performing a quick detonation” with the lethal equipment. No longer will players be able to spam them out and instantly blow up opposing players or vehicles. On top of this, your enemies will also have a small window to react now thanks to a new beeping audio cue that plays when C4 is about to go off.

Apart from this now you can’t perform the long throw onto
your target as in previous season, the Initial throw velocity has
dropped by 30%.

Warzone’s Origin 12 shotgun nerf

Origin 12 Shotgun is one of the most controversial weapon when it
comes to close-quarter battles and Infinity Ward has finally nerfed
the weapon by reducing its damage from a “very close” range.

Unfortunately, no exact numbers were provided. We can not define what ‘very close’ means and there is no way of determining just how severe the reduction in damage truly is. Though after weeks of being the most dominant shotgun in the game, any nerf is sure to be welcomed by the community.

Apart from this, other shotguns were buffed slightly. Slugs now have increased damage, meaning shotguns like the R9-0 could soon move into the spotlight.

These are the two most important nerfs of this season however, there are going to be more and we will update you on our Twitter Handle if any other changes comes into spotlight.

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