In this short article, we will be covering all the Warzone features that may be coming in Warzone 2 as there is a high demand from players for these features.

Call of Duty Battle Royale Warzone’s sequel Warzone 2 has been confirmed by the franchise and is set to release in October 2022.

And players are already pointing out Warzone features that they want to carry forward in Warzone 2.

However, now as we are getting more and closer to release, players have been pointing out details of the features.

Warzone features coming in Warzone 2

One Redditor started the list by saying that they want to see near an identical loadout system.

Players can build classes to their specifications before matches and, using Warzone’s clever monetary system, can access the exact loadouts they designed.

Many of the players also compared it to Blackout, which forced them to loot random attachments and augments in that way.

One another feature that players are asking to carry forward was to make the inventory as simple as possible.

One player said: “The reason I can’t get into games like Apex and PUBG is that I spend too much time on inventory and not enough time playing the game.”

third most requested feature is related to movement, players are asking for movement mechanics as in 2019 Modern Warfare and its sequel instead of Vanguard.

Players appreciated Infinity ward for the smooth movement in Modern Warfare and hope to see it in Warzone 2 also.

Of course, there were many more suggestions for other features also but these were the top 3 that were most demanded by the players.

One of the players suggests that Riot shields are removed “forever”.

Well, we have to wait and see how many of these suggestions make their way into Warzone 2.