Warzone Developer Joe Cecot explains the reason behind the removal of Plunder and claims his return very soon.

Warzone is one of the most played battle royale game and it also have
many game modes where players can grind, but Plunder is a bit different
mode than COD Warzone game modes.

In Plunder mode instead of toxic gas shrinking the area, players grind to
collect as much cash as possible, the goal of this mode is to reach the mark
of $1,000,000 cash and as soon as any team hits the mark a 2-minute clock
triggers giving other players on the map last couple minutes to collect cash.

It was one of the most popular modes of Warzone but developers removed it
following the Season 4 Launch.


Warzone Developer discloses reason for Plunder mode Removal

Players were not happy with this surprise removal there were many players
sharing their experience with plunder and how they used to have so much
fun playing it.

One Twitter user said: “Where did Plunder / Blood Money go? It’s the only game mode that me and my friends play and we were chasing 300 plunder wins this weekend!”

The Reddit community was also very much frustrated with this removal one Redditor said: “Seriously who thought it was a good idea to completely remove plunder from the game? I have so much fun playing plunder and now I seen they took it out the game completely, stop f**king with the playlists nobody asked for you to remove”.

Fortunately, Joe Cecot Warzone Developer quickly responded to everyone
with some positive news saying that the removal is temporary because of
new modes and the ongoing MP weekend.

“It will be back soon,” he confirmed. “Just made room for MP trial and Warzone Rumble. I love it too :)”.

However, he didn’t disclose any fixed date but according to sources June 16 is the date for return of Plunder Mode in Warzone.

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