Vampire : The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 announced for 2020.

Vampire: The Masquerade –  Bloodlines 2  announced for 2020.

Bloodlines 2 is the most awaited sequel of Vampire: The Masquerade which was released 15 years ago back in November 2004, which was the month of some big games like, Half-Life 2, Halo 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3. Bloodlines couldn’t be released before Half-Life 2 because of the agreement signed with VALVE for the use of source engine and the publisher of the game Activision doesn’t want to postpone the release date to 2005. So the game had to come the same month and compete with those three big names.

Bloodlines got a good response from fans but the problem was that the game wasn’t even finished technically and the people on the backside of the game working for such many years quickly laid off, and the remaining follow the same after some months. Torika had been shut down in the early phase of 2005.

So for the fans who have waited 15 years for the sequel now just need to wait 1 more year the game is being developed by Hardsuit Labs and being published by Paradox Interactive.

Mass Embrace: It is the establishment of new vampires by biting humans and forcing them to drink the blood of some supernatural creatures. This takes place in Seattle Washington.

The character you play in Bloodlines 2 is a victim of the mass embrace who has also been bitten by the vampires and forced to drink the blood and it is called a “Thin Blood”.  With the help of some of Seattle’s vampire group, you manage to break out your scheduled execution.

An unknown call directs you to your first victim for the blood and another vampire help you get a house and quickly guide you through the rulebook of the vampires.

You have some abilities you can use

  1. Telekinesis: Allows you to move objects from their position without touching them.
  2. Turning to Mist: Helpful in passing through pipes and vents.
  3. Swarn of Bats: Help you fly in the air.

There will be much more clans than the original Bloodlines. The officials haven’t declared the number of clans which will be featuring in the game they said they will reveal it once the release date of the game is near. And the clans will be released for free and there will be no charges for it.

The city has been divided into various clans and you can work with any clan, you can also annoy the clan to that level that they don’t want to work with you.


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