Riot Games has officially revealed Valorant gameplay trailer consisting of all weapons list.

Valorant is suspected to be the next big first-person shooter game, the game will be available in Summer 2020 as confirmed by officials.

We have spotted a bunch of new weapons in gameplay trailer released by Riot games.

Well, there is no official breakdown of guns from riot games but these are what we have spotted by far in the trailer.

Riot Games released the gameplay trailer on Volarant games official YouTube channel.

Valorant weapons list

As soon as the trailer starts we can clearly see a whole bunch of guns flashing straight into our eye for a couple of seconds.

Each of these guns has given different names (they may change till the release of the game).

Each of these weapons also have different abilities.

In Valorant gameplay trailer, there is a total of 17 weapons showcased

In the above image, we can clearly see there is a total of 17 weapons.

It is still to find whether these are all the weapons or there are more. All of these weapons are divided into three categories.

Sidearms contain five pistols, The Primary contains “two submachine guns, two shotguns, four rifles, two snipers and two heavy pieces of weaponry”

Full list of Weapons available in Valorant


  • Classic
  • Shorty
  • Frenzy
  • Ghost
  • Sheriff


  • Stinger
  • Spectre


  • Bucky
  • Judge


  • Bulldog
  • Guardian
  • Phantom
  • Vandal


  • Marshal
  • Operator


  • Ares
  • Odin

In the further video, we can also see the mechanics of some of the guns.

The two of the weapons which were most showcased in the video are “The Vandal” & “The Operator Sniper Rifle”.

And both of them resembles more like CS: GO’s iconic “Ak47” and “AWP”.

The Vandal

The Vandal looks more like CSGO AK47

Vandal have a decent firing rate just like AK47 and it is one of the most showcased weapon in the gameplay trailer.

The Operator Sniper Rifle

The Operator Sniper Rifle

Operator Sniper Rifle looks kind of like a bolt-action sniper rifle just like CS: GO AWP.

So this is by far what we know on the Valorant Weapons list, we will keep you updated if we find anything else.

If you haven’t watched the gameplay trailer here it is

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