Valorant Replication Mode is supposed to be the next game mode to Riot’s one of the most played First-person shooter. Here is everything we know about the upcoming game mode.

Valorant’s new game mode is a part of the Episode 2 Act 3 update which also includes a new map Breeze.

In the past, we have seen many such extraordinary game modes from Riot developers like Snowball Fight and the Escalation. The next game mode on board for Valorant fans is Replication mode.

Valorant Replication working

Well, nothing is official on what and how this Replication mode is going to work. In the short teaser, we can see 12 Brimstone smokes casually dropped on the bombsite.

This could be the same game mode as League of Legends’ One For All. In that game mode, every player locks in the same champion.

Moving on, after 24 hours of dropping the first teaser Riot officials have yet released another teaser showcasing a player getting bombarded with Skye flashes and a whole streak of tigers.

If this theory turns out to be true then, we might see multiple brimstones blocking off-site or multiple Jett’s dashing around the map.

How successful this game mode leaves on to how creative they can be with their character abilities and teammates.


Valorant Replication Mode release date

As of now there is no official confirmation on when this game mode might make its way into the game.

But if look at the next scheduled update Valorant patch 2.09 which is not too far away from where we are right now, we might get to play this game mode sooner than expected.

Anyhow, we will update you if any news regarding this topic comes up. So, make sure to follow us on Twitter.

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