Valorant New Game Mode Spike Rush is about to make its way into the game with the full release of the game on June 2. Here is everything we know so far from leaks.

Riot Game’s first FPS tactical shooter is getting its full release on June 2, with a lot
of new content along with it like the new map, agent, and a brand new game mode.

In the past, we have seen a couple of leaks suggesting a Deathmatch mode coming
soon into the game and it looks like there is one more game mode in the process
with a whole new objective.

Reliable dataminer ‘FloxaY’ was the one who leaked Valorant ranks for the first time on April 23. Now he appear to have revealed the name of the new mode: ‘Spike Rush.’

Spike is the Valorant version of the bomb and everybody knows what Rush means, which
means we can see something related to bomb planting or defending kind of mode,
maybe a bombsite retake mode.


Riot’s latest blog post mentions how “intense” the current modes can be. “Having an alternative by launch” is a key focus for the developers.

The current classic 5v5 mode lasts at max 30 to 40 minutes but the recent string
leaks reveal that a more rapid alternative may be making its way into the game.

Valorant New Game Mode Spike Rush

The Valorant New Game Mode Spike Rush match duration is set for 8-12 minutes
which is a very short period of time, and maybe gameplay will also be affected
because of this.

Spike Mode may activate “Speed boost” which was found earlier in the game’s
code leaks, this may provide the entire team with a speed boost or a particular Agent
for sometime.

Well, none of these details has official confirmation so it is better that you take
them with a grain of salt, however, the leaker has been very accurate with his leaks
in the past and he might be right once again.

So the best way to know whether he is correct or not is by waiting a bit as the Valorant full release is not too far.

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