Valorant new Agent Reyna abilities officially revealed by Riot Games, she is going to be the fourth Duelist in the game, developers reveal everything about her abilities and why she can be near-useless for beginners.

Valorant new Agent Reyna was revealed through a 33-second trailer
and because of the short duration of the trailer there was not enough
data to understand her abilities.

So developers from Riot Games took the job into their hand and
gave a full brief instruction on what her abilities will be and how
can we activate/use them in the game.


Valorant new Agent Reyna abilities

First of all, let’s look at her abilities then, we will continue with
Valorant’s Character Design Lead, Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott answers
on why she can be near-useless for many players.

The names given to these abilities are not official and may change
till her release.

  • Ability 1 (C) — Blinding: Cast an Orb that blinds enemies within the vicinity. Enemies can see and destroy the orb while blinding.
  • Ability 2  (Q) — Soul Catcher: Reyna’s health can regenerate to fill by absorbing life from Soul Orbs. Collect Soul Orbs from corpses that you kill.
  • Signature Ability (E) — Invulnerability: Reyna can temporarily become invulnerable to incoming damage, by using power from Soul Orbs. Collect Soul Orbs from corpses that you kill.
  • Ultimate Ability (X) — Sleight of Hand: Temporarily increases rate of fire, decreases reload time and speeds up your skill usage.

Explaining Reyna Abilities


Lead designer Morello confirms that she is going to be our fourth Duelist,
he also mentions that two of her abilities rely on “Soul Orbs” which only
appears when you get a kill with her.

One of those two abilities help Reyna recover her health to the fullest including shield, the other ability, her signature ability, makes her invulnerable, both of these abilities requires her to absorb Soul Orbs.

However, to balance her invulnerability ability, she wouldn’t be able
to shoot any kind of weapons while being invulnerable. This can be
game changer because she can plant the spike and use her
ability to defend it.


Reyna is a fully Soul Orb dependent agent, without Soul Orbs she can
not do anything, and her team mates must have to help her, however
there is also a problem with Soul Orbs that they only last for a few
seconds after kill and players can not carry it onto further round.

“Her [Ultimate] gives her faster firing/reload/recoil mod and resets on kill,” as Morello continues, explaining her ultimate ability.

Reyna’s final ability (one of her buyable, core abilities) will blind enemies. Reyna will cast a sphere/Orb same as Omen, and players will be blinded till the time they are inside that sphere or until they destroy the sphere, but it will give Reyna much time to move around and get kills.


Developer concludes her ability saying that she is a ‘high-risk, high-reward’ Agent and requires Soul Orbs to work and that if someone is choosing Reyna he is playing a huge bet, “If she doesn’t get kills, though, she’s bad. Like, near-useless. You’re making a big bet picking Reyna.”

Playing with Reyna will require a pro level team work and if not
then one of your team member will be a free kill for enemies.

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