Valorant new agent and Season one Battle Pass ‘Ignition’ officially revealed by Valorant developers in a new trailer.

Released on April 7, Riot Games’ first-ever FPS tactical shooter game
Valorant is getting love from everyone, let it be streamers or players
around the world.

However, soon after the game’s closed beta release, developers revealed
that two more agents will be joining the game before the full release of
the game.

Valorant New Agent and Season one Battle Pass

In the new trailer released video from Valorant Brazil, we can catch some
glimpse of a Valorant new Agent and Season one battle pass, at the end of the video, striking purple eyes and long hair, looking like Sombra from Overwatch.

However, she doesn’t look like “Sabine” – a leaked agent with Vampire abilities,
despite not looking like Sabine, she does looks like she holds the power of the
Vampire with all that purple colour vibe.

It can be that Riot have changed her look pre-release just like they did with Raze.


In the trailer, there is no clue about her abilities or name but in from the
pas leaks and information that we have on Sabine we know that she holds
power of Vampire, one of her abilities voice line reads out “sucking the life”
from enemies like a “Vampire”.

At the moment there is only one healing agent in Valorant and that is Sage
so they may be adding another support agent to make the game more balanced.

Fortunately, to know what exactly she is we do not have to wait much longer
as the Valorant full release is set for June 2 and with that, we will have a brief
information regarding the Season 1 Battle Pass “Ignition”.


There is no confirmation on what will this Battle Pass include, but our
best guesses say there will be Weapon Charms and player profile cosmetics
included in this Battle Pass.

Unfortunately, there are strict announcements from Developers that they will
not include any skins and there are no plans for the same in future.

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