Valorant New Agent and Map first look is now revealed by Riot Games officially on their Blog Post in an image.

During the briefing of June 2 update in a blog post Riot Games also posted an image of
ten current agents along with all the update information, but in the image they also
teased a new agent by showing a little bit of it.

In the image we can clearly see someone standing along with all other ten agents right next to Sage, it was a blank spot before.


Valorant New Agent and Map – Sabine & Ascent

The shoe that we can see in the image is also not quite visible, the colours aren’t
very well visible, we assume those are black with purple shades on them and
have a slight heel at the end.

Apart from that, there is no further information on that, this can be Sabine –
she was part of Agent leaks earlier, and we strongly believe that this was
on purpose and not a mistake because Valorant has already confirmed that
they will be releasing a new agent and new map along with Full release of the

Many other players also believe that this is Sabrine because they have been
experiencing Agents redirecting voice lines to the agent named “Sabine”. and
many players have been commenting that she has a “life-taking” ability.

Besides the new Agent, Riot also showed off a new map in the CGI trailer released on May 21.

This map has been seen many times earlier in the screenshots, but in the trailer
we can see Jeff and Phoenix using their abilities before the video transitions to the
release date reveal.


Rumours suggest that “Ascent” will be the name of this map and this can be the
new map for new mode – Spike Rush, however, we don’t have to wait much longer
to know what is for what as the full release of the game is not too far.

Valorant closed beta is set to end on May 28 and Full release of the game is set for 2 June.

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