Valorant is the next big FPS title from Riot games, Blitz has released a detailed version of the first map coming to Valorant game.

According to rumours Valorants release is little far away from now.

And players are looking for any piece of information that they can dig from gameplay video released by Valorant.

Valorant first map overview

As a result, Blitz has released a detailed version of the map in association with Riot games.

It gave the players an advantage to study the map even before the game’s release.

Blitz is trying to help and keep the hype going at the same time.

Now you can study the map and make some early strategies.


One thing that is strange on the map is Bomb sites are much closer to defenders then Attackers.

People say Valorant is the exact copy of CSGO but there are two map changes which completely denies it.

One Defenders drop on the Map 30 sec before attackers, second there are three bomb sites instead of just two.

This gives the defending team an advantage to layout early strategies and positions to hold.

Valorant is a 5v5 game but having three bomb sites will scatter players around the map.

This means the game will require a whole new form of strategies, not ‘2 1 2’ strategy – most common in CSGO.

Full overview of the First map of Valorant

Also, Blitz has named each spot differently to give players an idea about callouts.

There are some common callouts like “Connector” & “A-Long” but there are also some new callouts like “Gong” & “Heave Stairs”.

Well, there are no signs of how Teleporters will work on this Valorant first map.

Maybe Teleporters will e added in different maps.

As for now, Valorant has only revealed one game mode (5v5) and other game modes will be available or revealed after the game’s release.

There will also be new maps in the near future but for now, you can work on this map and make some strategies.

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