New Valorant leaks from dataminers suggest that the developers are working on a new Control-Style game mode. However, there is no sign of it being released soon as it is still in its early stage of development.

Valorant is a game that is always fresh as Riot comes up with new game modes every now and then like, FFA Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and even Snowball Fight all these game modes bring some uniqueness to the game.

And from what the data miners have found in the game’s files it looks like developers are not stopping just there as the new Valorant leaks reveal a Control-Style game mode in working.

A quote from ‘ValorLeaks’ explained how the game mode will work: “Teams will compete by capturing points, both teams will race for the highest score.”

This piece of information was brought up by ‘floxayyy’, who claimed the “devs are testing a mode which appears to be some sort of CTF [Capture The Flag] with three maps.”

Control- Style game mode has been a part of FPS games for a very long time. The game mode is more popular in games like Call of Duty.


The objective of the game mode is very simple Teams work together to maintain control of certain parts of the map, earning points while doing so.

Moreover, Apex legends is also getting the same game mode in their upcoming Season 12 update.

However, this is all we know for now. There is no information on whether they will be adding a new map or it would be playable on the existing map.

Riot is planning to release the upcoming Episode 4 Act 2 without any new Agent or maps on the line. So, a game mode like this can fill the void in Episode 4.

However, the dataminers believe that this game mode may never be able to make it to live servers.

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