A new Valorant glitch is causing Killjoy’s Turret to take his mind off himself and run across the lotus map searching for enemies.

The Killjoy turret bug has no fascinating history in Valorant. At Champions 2022, a contentious turret error forced a replay of a round between XSET and Funplus Phoenix because the turret fired in the wrong direction, prompting XSET players to offer false information.

However, this glitch is not as severe as what occurred on Ascent that day, instead, this bug on the new Lotus map allows turrets to run around the map swiftly.

Killjoy’s Turret bug

The issue, discovered by Reddit user AngeredLotus, indicates that if you get stuck between a turret and one of the map’s revolving doors while it’s facing you, you can only drag the turret around the map by clicking on it.

You can position it pretty much anywhere on the map for an extended amount of time, as AngeredLotus does in his video demonstrating the problem. Nonetheless, it appears that it will eventually stop moving.

This also equips the turret with the ability to fire at enemies and warn the player to the presence of an enemy.

This mistake is technically correct, as many users have pointed out. The turret may be seen racing alongside Killjoy at the start of Riot’s Duality cinematic, which was published in 2021. That means, according to the game’s narrative, the turret can travel freely.

Another user mentioned that if you crouch and walk behind Killjoy’s turret, you can use it as a shield, and it can see behind you. Others relate it to taking the dog for a stroll.

This problem was reported to Riot by AngeredLotus, who posted it in the Valorant subreddit known bug hyper thread. Hopefully, it will be rectified with the next update. Nonetheless, as of this writing, the glitch is still present in the game, and you can give it a shot.

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