Valorant freezing and FPS drops issue is the new problem in Valorant community after the Patch 1.01 and developers say that they are looking forward to a fix and that it is coming soon.

Valorant Patch 1.01 was meant to ease “CPU load” and make the game smoother,
at least that is what the developers say but apparently the new patch is creating
some new difficulties for the players.

According to developers, the patch note was supposed to increase FPS in mid to
high spec machines but apparently it made it worse and players are not facing
FPS drops issue.

Well, FPS drop is not only the problem, along with FPS drop many users are facing
screen freezing in Valorant in between of fire-fights.


Valorant freezing and FPS drops issue

Soon after addressing the issue, many Redditor started to tag developers on these
posts making them know that there is something wrong with their new patch note
and one of these posts caught the eye of developer and he responds to the post

“We’re actively investigating the issues with freezing this patch,” the dev opened before explaining that the data implies that the intermittent freezing may be the result of “FPS loss leading up to the freeze.”

In this post, many users share their experience with these new issues and
requests developers to fix the issue as soon as possible.

One user shares his experience on how he was seconds close to getting a ban while solving this issue he says, “I had [zero] issues till this newest patch. Had my first freeze and hard restart situation yesterday. Thankfully got back fast enough to avoid a queue ban,”

While the other user shares that he has been experiencing microstutters
despite getting more FPS than usual “Anyone else getting higher average FPS, but experiencing far more micro stutters? These hitches make the gameplay completely awful and I am considering uninstalling.”

Let’s see how much time does it take for developers to fix the issue till then we can only wait.

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