Valorant is the new FPS from Riot games which is already looking very much similar to CSGO and we are finding if Valorant economy mechanics also works the same way as CSGO.

Riot Games is known for their world-famous “League of Legends” game.

Valorant already feels like CSGO because of its in-game gun mechanics and round based economy which was CSGO thing from the beginning.

Apparently YouTuber Jack ‘jackfrags’ Mason has compared both games economy system for us.

How economy works in Valorant?


How much each kills & round win gets you.

We had no idea how Valorant economy model works until Jack came forward to help everyone in the community.

He briefly explained the economy model of kills & round wins/loss.

According to Jack here are the dollars which you will earn after each kills and one round win/loss.

  • Kill = $200.
  • Round win = $3000.
  • Round loss = $1900 – $2900.

In Valorant you will be getting only $200 per kill which is lesser than what we get in Counter-Strike.

Jack also said we will be rewarded with some round loss money – just like CS:GO.

With the first-round loss providing the least financial reward ($1900), while the maximum loss bonus is merely $100 beneath the reward for winning a round.

Looks like the game economy system will also help losing team – giving them a little boost each round.

One more thing that the YouTuber pointed out that after selecting your character at the beginning you will be stuck with that character for the whole round.

So, select your character wisely according to the map and circumstances these characters can be very helpful.

Well, now the bad part is that this all data was compared with from the alpha version of game “Project A” and this may be changed in course of time but, it doesn’t feel like Riot Games will change something this crucial.

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