Details of Valorant sixth Map Breeze has been leaked by leakers and here is everything we know about it including its release date.

When Valorant launched it broke the tradition of FPS competitive shooter games of having two bomb sites.

The game featured three bomb sites on each map and had the same number of maps(three) at the time of launch – Haven, Bind and Split.

As the game kept growing with time and players started demanding more maps the developers then released the set of two more maps – Ascent and Icebox – both of them became fairly popular in a very small amount of time.


However, the developers are aiming to “accelerate the next few maps,” according to devs “getting to seven is a good starting point.”

According to the leaked information, Valorant sixth map – Breeze is all ready to be launched.

Valorant Sixth Map Name – Breeze?

Earlier on March 31, a leaker by the name ValorLeaks pointed out that the next map name could be ‘Foxtrot’.

The statement was then backed up by many other leakers from the community.

Many Valorant fans believe that Foxtrot can just be a codename and if it does ship with that name, it could have some sort of military theme.

However, the recent integration of Valorant Night Market, a market place where players can buy skins at discounted prices, has revealed the potential name of the map ‘Breeze’ through its graphics banner.

Well, the name is not clear but crossed out, this small detail was noticed by another leaker ‘cynprel’.

The same graphics teaser was revealed at the time of ‘Split’ map release.

Sixth Valorant map leaked – location , soundtrack, lore

Another noticeable detail on the Night Market teaser is the word “CARIB.”, which is a short form of term ‘Caribbean’.

Every map present in Valorant have their own soundtracks and so does this new map.

Luckily, leakers have also found the soundtrack for the upcoming map from the game files.

The soundtrack have an exotic/tropical-style theme with noticeable Valorant tones overlapped throughout, this makes the claim of the map being set up in the Caribbean even stronger.

And from the leaked coordinates from the Night Market teaser – it takes us to the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ a place which is known for its mysterious stories about how ships and planes get sucked into it.

If this was not enough for you us to believe, The Valorant’s official Turkish Instagram account described the night market as “the goods of the sinking ship”.

There is a saying that “A note to the wise” is enough.

These leaks sums up the name of the sixth Valorant Map to be Breeze as it fits the Caribbean theme more than the word Foxtort.

Location leaks from April Fools dating sim


Moving on the next part of the leak is coming straight from the Riot’s reported April Fools gag this year. Agents of Romance is a tongue-in-cheek dating-sim with Valorant’s whimsical cast of characters.

However, this was all joke, but the background artwork might have revealed some information about the Breeze map as we can see some new tropical location.

Valorant sixth map Teaser

On April 13, developers released two new teaser images featuring a beach and palm trees which definitely adds up to the sixth map being a tropical region.

The images also have to reveal the potential name of the stages.


In one of the teased images it says “wander” while other reads “explore”. Obviously these are not going to be the name of the next map.

Instead, if you look closely there is a small line written on the right side of both the images which reads out “Visit Breeze.”

Having the name “Breeze” appearing so many times and also matching up with the Caribbean theme it is 99% confirmed to be the name of the Valorant’s sixth map.


Adding to the story, On April 20, the official Twitter account shared some never-before-seen artwork. “Welcome to paradise,” showcasing beach, ocean and wooden bed.

From the image it does look like a paradise.

Valorant Breeze map release date


Despite having so many official indications of the map, there is not a single word on the release date of Valorant sixth map Breeze.

But we have put together some facts and have a date predicted for the potential release.

From the teased images it looks like the map is all set to be released.

Icebox launched five months ago on October 13 as part of Episode One Act 3. If history is to repeat itself, this new map could launch as part of Episode 2 Act 3.

And the next Act is set to release on April 21 – which means that the map could be just around the corner, but we will have to wait for the official announcement from Riot.

That’s all on Valorant sixth map – Breeze, we will keep you updated if anything further adds up to the story.

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