Riot has been consistently assembling its program for each Act. Valorant Agent 16 is on their way, yet not in Episode 2 Act 3. All things being equal, players should stand by somewhat more. This is what we know.

With the dispatch of Ghanaian Agent Astra, there are presently 15 Valorant Agents for groups to plan around. Players were anticipating that Agent 16 should come in Episode 2 Act 3, yet Riot skirted the delivery.

It’s sent the community into a touch of disorder, given Riot delivered another map in Breeze. In any case, don’t be excessively stressed, Agent 16 is coming, simply not at this moment. This is what we know.

Valorant Agent 16 leaks – abilities and more


Given the standard secrets of player cards and promotion recordings didn’t prompt anything in Episode 2 Act 3, there’s nothing truly we can go off for Valorant Agent 16.

Players initially thought an advancement video on the Arabian Valorant record might have been a secret for the new Agent. It ended up being a trailer for Strike Arabia, another competition.

According to the overwhelmingly sure reaction to the possibility of a Middle Eastern Agent to stay with Cipher, perhaps Riot will contemplate fan considerations either for the new expansion to the roster or sometime later.

Valorant Agent 16 – Release Date

Riot tossed a spanner underway by not following the past timetable of one Agent for each Act with Episode 2 Act 3.

That implies we can anticipate that Agent 16 should drop in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1, because of dispatch on June 22, 2021, just after the Battle pass lapses.

We’ll refresh this page as more data opens up on the following character to release in Valorant.

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