Twitch streamer and 100 Thieves team member Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter reveals what changes YouTube still needs to overtake Twitch as a streaming platform.


  • Valkyrae has now been streaming on YouTube for a good couple of months. But she still feels Twitch is a better option for streamers.
  • During her appearance on Scuffed Podcast, she revealed all the necessary changes YouTube needs to overtake Twitch.

Twitch is the leading streaming platform as of now. However, this has not stopped
other platforms to try to become a streamer’s first choice, but most of them has
failed doing so.

YouTube is one of the toughest competitor of amazon owned platform. The video
content platform has been signing multiple big streamers in the last few years.

Even though they have added multiple Twitch features like emotes, clips, subscriber-only chats, and drops.
However, the platform still lacks a lot of features from Twitch.


During her March 11 appearance on the Scuffed Podcast, Valkyrae revealed a couple of features that she misses about Twitch, even though YouTube is making changes in the future.

“The culture. We have no emote culutre, we have no hosting, we hardly have a directory on YouTube. I don’t even know who streams on YouTube because I can’t find people!” Rae said answering the biggest differences between the two platforms.

“They’re working on everything. It’s just so far behind like culture-wise like you can use my emotes only in my chat and there’s no BTTV. That’s like something I really miss about Twitch is the emote culture, the chat culture,” she added. “Chat carries the streamer, I really believe that.”

She clearly mentions that even if YouTube brings all the features of Twitch even then
it would not be as good as Twitch as there is no chat culture on the platform and that
the chat is the biggest factor of success of any streaming platform

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