Youtuber Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has now officially left twitch and joined YouTube as a full time, she disclosed the reason about this transition during her stream on January 14.

During her first broadcast on the new platform, Valkyrae gave reasons for leaving Twitch and Joining YouTube.

To support her reasons she mentioned some points like “Financial Security”, “Freedom” and many others.

Reportedly “Valkyrae” is receiving just under $1 million per year.

Valkyrae Joins YouTube and leaving Twitch

“Obviously, obviously, obviously we’re not going to beat around the bush — there was some financial stability, it now helps me and my family,” she said.

The 28-year-old YouTuber revealed that YouTube is enough to reduce some stress as she is supporting her family and mother from the past three years.

Her mother lost her job three years ago and since then she has been supporting her mother full time.

Financial Security

“My mom is pretty much my baby now,” she continued. “It’s really cool that I can help her entirely without her worrying about getting a job, because she’s sick and not as young as she used to be, she’s in her 50s now so that’s nice for her.”

According to her “Financial Security” wasn’t the only reason.

she added that YouTube provides more “creative freedom” and “not having to worry about numbers” to “expanding content”.

“I’ve been a gamer my whole life, but there’s a lot of things that I want to do beyond just streaming,” she said. “I feel like [here] I can expand my brand more. I want to get into fitness and beauty, and I feel like I can blog more here.”

Valkyrae has been streaming on Twitch from last 5 years

“struggling with numbers” was the same reason mentioned by 100T creator Courage who also left twitch for YouTube.

Struggling with Numbers

She added more:

“That was the biggest thing for me, really, not having to worry about numbers anymore… I don’t have to worry subscriber count or view count,” she said.

“It takes all the worry away. I can just focus on the content I make, and I can literally have fun, produce as much as possible for you guys, and make stuff that I’m proud of. I think that’s the biggest thing for me.”

Valkyrae joins YouTube with fellow 100T members.

She added that she was already planning to change her content and make some more of her beauty vlogs, music and voice over videos.

“There’ll be a lot of new stuff,” she teased to end her explanation. “The YouTube team has been so attentive, and they listen to everything I say. Lots of really cool stuff on the horizon, a lot of potential stuff in the far and/or near future.”

“I feel relieved,” she added. “It’s just an amazing feeling.”

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Migrating from Twitch to other streaming platforms is now turning a trend and Valkyrae isn’t the only one who left twitch past week.

Now we can just wait for the next streamer to announce their big move but the question is: who is going to be next?