In an interview with Anthony Padilla, popular streamer Valkyrae revealed her crazy stalker experience, who flew to 100 thieves compound looking for her.

Content creators are getting fans from all over the world and this vast popularity also invites aggressive stalkers.

Valkyrae is not the first one to reveal something like this, Pokimane, Amouranth, and Tana Mongeau are among the other content creators that have shared their scary experiences recently.

Valkyrae stalker experience

During a recent interview with Anthony Padilla, 100 Thieves’ Valkyrae revealed her recent experience with an obsessed fan that flew to the orgs’ compound in Los Angeles.

During the interview, Padilla asked the YouTube star about her most bizarre fan interaction, prompting her to share her recent story.

“This actually happened relatively recently. So, I have a crazed fan who actually flew in from out of state and went to the 100 Thieves compound,” she revealed. “They warned me that this guy was looking for me and they called the cops.

“He ended up staying at the airport for several days and recording videos saying things like ‘I’m not leaving until Rae picks me up, I know she wants to see me.’ and it’s really, really crazy. He’s like ‘If she goes to Coachella without me I’m going to be really really sad.’”

The Video section starts at: 19:20

She then explains that she has never met this person or had any interactions with him, she believes that he had some kind of mental issue as he believed that she wanted him to fly there to meet her.

She added: “Seeing his videos really reminded me that anyone can watch you and build this sort of parasocial mindset with any streamer or content creator they watch, and it’s dangerous.”