Twitch star Valkyrae says she is always paranoid while streaming, she explains why she feels unsafe streaming on Twitch or YouTube.

Streaming is becoming a big thing with many YouTubers & Twitch streamers creating their
own brand and both the platforms are the best way to showcase your skills, it can be

Well, one of those shining streamers is Valkyrae, growing every day but it is not always that
glamorous, she says sometimes she feels very unsafe on the Internet and Valkyrae also says that she feels paranoid sometimes. She has received many “death threats” in the past also.

Most of Valkyrae concerns are because of her die-hard fans

Valkyrae talks about her paranoid situation

During a recent QnA video on her YouTube channel, she admits that she feels “worrying all
the time about safety.”, according to her it happens to all the stars and all of them “try to ignore” all of this.

“A lot of us on the internet, we get your stalkers, your f*ppers, and your horny teeny-beanies, you know? I worry about safety a lot of the time, and I’m always paranoid about my safety, especially being in the public space,” she said.

She also mentions that she is constantly in fear because you “never know who’s watching,”
and there are people stalking you and “trying to get you.”. In the video, she also admits that
she has received many death threats in the past.

Both of this isn’t the only reasons for her worry, she says personal safety is not the only “hardest part of streaming” there is also “ever-worrying accountant stuff.”

“With streaming, you don’t get an hourly paid wage. It’s literally based off who decides to support you, who subs, who donates,” she said. “All that. That was really difficult for a long time. Luckily I don’t have to deal with that anymore.”

Well, currently she is in a good position financially after signing a deal with YouTube worth $1 million and Valkyrae admits that it has helped me relief from some worries.

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