Popular YouTube streamer Valkyrae finally gives her Fan an official name after 7 years of her streaming career.

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter’s holds a massive following across multiple platforms, with over 3.70 million YouTube subscribers and 2.9 million Twitter followers.

While streamers and celebrities like to give their fan base a name, Valkyrae has not officially given any name until now.

Valkyrae Fan name

During the August 6 youtube stream, Valkraye once again stumbled upon the question of what name is she going to give her fandom.

After trying out multiple names and taking suggestions from viewers she has finally found a name which she wants to name her fan base.

Responding to a comment on her stream, Valkyrae initially said “we’re the ‘Raebies’ now?” Despite being apprehensive to land a name, the streamer followed the question by saying “yeah, at this point it only makes sense.”

“Yeah, you know what! We are the ‘Raebies’, guys I have a confirmed community name after seven years!” continued Valkyrae.

The streamer added, “after seven year it is official, we are now officially the ‘Raebies’!” Valkyrae claimed that she had “always rejected” the name, even in the face of fans continuing to demonstrate its appeal.

The name quickly got enough attention from fellow streamers Natsumiii and Sykkuno: “Your community like being called ‘Raebies’?”

Valkyrae jokingly said, “we’re gonna infect sh*t and raid with our disease!” let’s see how long this name gets to stick around for Valkyrae fans.

In the meantime, the ‘Raebies’ have been celebrating the YouTuber’s status as an Among Us “icon”, as she celebrated a significant milestone within the smash hit multiplayer game.

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