An upcoming Fortnite monthly subscription service potentially named as “Monthly Crew Pack” is in the process according to leakers after being pointed out multiple times in an official Epic Games survey.

Fortnite Monthly subscription is a hot topic of discussion in Fortnite community
many players believe that a monthly subscription service can be a replacement
for battle pass system while many belives that both these system can run alongside.

And just like any other discussion, there is a group of players who believes that both
of them are not required in the game. However, both these systems have their own
pros and cons and players should focus on them.

Anyhow, it feels like the monthly subscription is coming anyways regardless on
which side you support.

There are many benefits of this system like it could give players a more streamlined way to acquire and level up a battle bass each season and include some V-Bucks and exclusive cosmetics.


Fortnite monthly subscription service

MarDlt_ a Fortnite leaker has spotted an image showcasing a monthly
subscription service called the Monthly Crew Pack. Addition to that he
also found an official survey asking users what they think might be included in the monthly subscription.

He then forwarded these iamges to another leaker FireMonkey who then posted them onto Twitter.

“In a recent survey Epic Games has sent out, this image can be seen,” he said. “With the image, users are being quizzed on how they would rate the monthly subscription service.”


Then, he explained the every aspects of what monthly subscription would include:

  • Battle Pass
  • An outfit pack that subscribers get first and then will be sold in the shop later that includes a character outfit with an additional style, Back Bling, and a Pickaxe. 
  • 1,000 V-Bucks each month

What is the Price of Fortnite Monthly Service?

In the survey, there is a point where Fortnite is officially asking players to describe
the amount that they would be willing to pay for these services and initially it looks
like it will be somewhere between $15.99 and $18.99.

However, MarDlt_ chimed in and said, “Just in case anyone is interested, the price of the subscription is not confirmed to be 16 dollars. In the survey, it ranges from $4.99 up to $19.99!”


Here is some of the players reaction on the price of these subscription service.

“The BP is really a great deal,” said one player. “It would be hard to compete with that. I believe a monthly subscription more than $9.99 which the value is purely based on cosmetics would be too much.”

“Eh. Not sure I’m down to pay 45 dollars a season for a ten dollar pass and bundles I don’t even know if I’ll like,” wrote another.

However, it is a matter of time before a monthly service comes to Fortnite and may spark a lot of hot discussions in the community.

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