Twitch Streamer Velvet_7 has banned on the platform again for the 3rd time and according to Twitch, it was just a mistake.

Velvet’s twitch account is banned many times by Twitch, sometimes it was for a couple of
days and sometimes it was months.

The first ban she ever received was in November 2018, and then her account was again
banned in May 2019, the reason for both these bans was same, it was “sexually suggestive content”.

After that she became more careful about her clothing and started wearing more concealing
clothes on stream but despite that, she was again banned in August for more than one
month after which Twitch reinitiated her account reason being it was “mistakenly” banned.


The August ban was the disastrous ban ever for Velvet, which she explains on her stream
after getting her account back she says,  “I’m not sure if they’re gonna try to apologize with something like benefits for me, because for five weeks I couldn’t stream. I didn’t get any payment. Right now, my subscribers [are] almost all gone.”

But the pains don’t end here after getting her account back just for a couple of weeks she
was banned again in October this time the reason was “using a hateful slur”.

After which she was full of tears but apparently the ban was removed in a couple of hours
which was quite surprising for her.

Velvet_7 mistakenly banned again on Twitch

On April 13 Twitch again banned her account for suggestive content and she then tweets
all the measures she has taken to not violate any of Twitch’s terms of services or anything
like that.

In the next tweet, she says, “I just have different body type than other girls. These are normal shirts and sweaters. I don’t try to be sexually suggestive. when I wear any clothes it goes up more because of bigger chest and tighter than others.”

However, on April 5 her channel was back again and the streamer was full in tears while
reading the letter she received from Twitch, “Hello Velvet_7, your account was suspended due to a mistake on our part. I have gone ahead and reversed this suspension on your account, so you are free to use our services again”.

“Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this might have caused,”. “So it means I didn’t do anything wrong,” Velvet concluded.

According to her the reason why her account is getting banned over and over again is
because of mass reporting.

She says, “To people who report me over and over again, I’m not saying you should like me, or you should watch my stream, but I’m just saying if you don’t want to watch my stream you can just watch something else, You don’t have to report me.”

Hopefully this the last time when her account is banned for no reason.

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