An English Twitch streamer revealed how much he was paid for a 2-minute partnership video.

Twitch often provides streamers with the opportunity to collaborate with brands and generate some extra income called “Bounty”.

Bounties can be taken by anyone who is under the Twitch affiliate program regardless of the number of followers he/she has.

And Twitch works as a manager here for both the streamer and brand/company.

But, streamers rarely mentions these bounty programs, but it is available for all level of broadcasters.

But, recently a broadcaster “Nemz38” was hit by a question from one of his chat members about how much did he made from the 2-minute video he promoted.

This is what a Twitch Bounty looks like

The 2-minute video was the launch trailer of a new movie “Parasite”.

At first, the young broadcaster was not sure that if he can share this information or not.

but soon he found a way to reply to this question.

Twitch Streamer reveals his Bounty income

He didn’t mention the amount directly, instead, he took the help of his Dark Souls III game.

Immediately, he asked his chat what name should he pick for his character and ended up settling on “200$” which is not a real name obviously.

Well, he didn’t actually say the amount.

But it was indeed the answer to the bounty question.

The way he first denied that he can’t say the number and soon he revealed it, chat found it funny.

And everybody started spamming Laughing emojis

Nemz has a total of 50,000 Followers at the time of writing this article which is a nothing in the competition of big streamers so you can guess how they are paid for these brand sponsorships.

Twitch affiliates under bounty program get an amount based on their past view metrics meaning more viewership results in more amount.

So, now you know how much your favourite Twitch streamer gets from Bounty programs.

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