Twitch streamer Novaruu reacts to weird gifts from fans – particularly one who tried to impress her in the weirdest manner.

Novaruu received some gifts from fans on her birthday and she reacted/opened them on stream.

Basically, On Twitch you can support your favourite streamer in different ways like:

You can subscribe to them, or send some donations or maybe sign-up for the Patreon.

But some streamers take it one step further by making their PO box public so fans can send gifts and other things.

And Novaruu did the same – on her birthday she received some gifts, she opened them on stream.

The one gift from a fan which had some gift cards was the weirdest and it also scared Novaruu.

Novaruu reacts to weird gifts from fan containing weird things

Novaruu reacts to weird gifts from fans

She wasn’t prepared for what was coming next out of the box, as the young streamer started opening gifts one by one.

As she opened that particular box, it had various gift cards from different holidays and one-note where the fan has expressed his feelings to the streamer and also offered to take the streamer to ‘Unicorn Love Island.’

At this point, Novaruu seemed to notice something off

“Chat, I’m actually kind of scared,” she said before opening another envelope from the box.

Then she moved on with the next card which was more weirder than the last.

Dude just sent me three ominous hand-written cards about how he loves my ASMR streams when I’ve literally never streamed ASMR,” she said.

Apart from notes and cards the unnamed fan also sent:

A pair of sunglasses wrapped in tinfoil, a broken golden Church Christmas ornament, and a bar of soap.

“His proposal package is a f**king ornament, cheap pair of sunglasses, and a bar of soap!” Novaruu added, before hesitatingly grabbing the final package.

The last box contained the normal gift packed very differently.

The gifter had sent two different bathroom gift sets, a bath bomb, and a note with his home address and a poster for where he seemingly works.

Well, this was all from the gift box, and the good part is that Novaruu now has his address so she can message him to stop sending gifts if he did this quite often.

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