Twitch streamer Nathan has lost all of his 21,000 followers overnight, however, the gaming community is sticking close and helping him to get his account back normal.

Twitch is one of the biggest streaming platform which every streamer admires and wish to
get its partnership program at some point, however there are also many things that goes
on with any proper notification or warning to peoples account which includes – getting banned,
losing subscribers and so on.

These unfortunate surprises may not mean a lot to big streamers but it does de-motivate them
also however it is a worst case scenario for small streamers who is just starting his/her streaming
career to get hit by these nightmares.

The community on Twitch is what makes these small streamers pass through these hard time by
joining hands with each other to help the streamer.


16-year-old Twitch streamer Nathan is also one of the innocent soul who got hit by one of those
unfortunate Twitch surprises, apparently, he lost 21,000 followers overnight which he gained
during the long grind of 2+ years without any proper notice from the platform.

On January 13, the teen posted a series of tweets that explains something strange has happened, but he didn’t quite explain what yet. “This can’t be real,” he wrote, “what the f**k?”

Shortly after he uploaded a screenshot of his channel where the thousands of followers he once had dropped down inexplicably to just seven. “I’ve lost everything,” he said. “My Twitch lost all of its followers. Every single person who has followed me the last 26 months are gone. I’m just at a loss for words.”

It is really heartbreaking to see all those followers that you have summed up from the grind of
2 long years dropping to zero in just a fraction of seconds. However, he did have reached to Twitch
customer support but at the time of writing this article, it is not clear whether they have replied to
him or not.

However the Twitch community has joined hands to support this 16-old year streamer get
his account back to normal, they have flocked to his account to restore some followers.
Popular Minecraft creator Tubbo also gifted 100 subs to the streamer, having previously supported him in the past.

At the time of writing this article there is no indication on what the reason was and whether the
huge follower base can be restored or not.

Fortunately, the community is standing strong with him and have managed to get his 13,000 followers back. Who so ever is reading this and have some interest in Minecraft, you should definitely support this streamer on our behalf here is his channel.

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