Twitch IRL Streamer “HoshmandPlays” gets robbed during a live broadcast when he was roaming around the city on his bike.

HoshmandPlays is an IRL – or “in-real-life” – live streamer, these streamers show
the unpredictable nature of the real world, events which can happen with anyone,
some of these events are heartwarming while many are terrifying.

One of the terrifying events happened with HoshmandPlays on September 18 while
he was riding his bike an unknown assailant on a moped stopped and proceeded
to rob him. This left both him and his viewers in a shock at what just happened.

Twitch streamer gets robbed Live

Hoshmand starts his day naturally, casually roaming around the New York City
and broadcasting it to his viewers in a first-person view for a better experience.

Suddenly, a man on a moped stopped Hoshmand and started asking him inaudible questions, before stating, “I can take all your s**t…Do you know who I am, bro?…I’ll punch you.”

“I’m not gonna do that. I don’t know what you want,” the 17-year-old stated as he began to back away, to which the assailant responded, “All jokes aside though, I ain’t even playing. Do you know who I am, bro? Real s**t though, the big guns, bro. Stop playing with me, bro.”

Twitch streamer does manage to get out of there but unfortunately, he once again
gets cornered by the same man, “Damn! No!” he yelled, as the thief asked, “Why you trying to run from me, bro?”

“What the f**k do you want?!” he questioned urgently, to which the stranger responded, “You know what I want, stop playing with me, bro! Give me your money!…Let me see what’s in the bag!”

After that in an interview with Dexerto he reveals what happened off camera, “He took my backpack off of me while I was trying to get away and he stole my iPad that I was using for streaming,” he said. “But then he left my backpack so he only got my iPad.”

He’d called the police to report the incident, but the robber had unfortunately gotten away. “I immediately called 911 after he left and cops arrived pretty fast but he was already gone by then. The cops and I started looking for him nearby in the cop car and couldn’t find him, but the cops are trying to track him down now.” He says.

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