In a clip, Adin Ross explains how Twitch is threatening him due to the content he is making right now.

Despite being one of Twitch’s most followed and viewed streams, Adin Ross has a tumultuous relationship with the company.

As we’ve seen, the platform has taken steps to ban certain types of content that are deemed inappropriate, such as hot tub streams.

It is important that platforms take the necessary steps to protect their users and ensure that the content being shared on their platforms is appropriate for all viewers. By banning these types of streams, platforms can ensure that their users are not exposed to any potentially harmful or poisonous messages or content.

Now, he has claimed that the platform threatened to suspend him “indefinitely” as a result of his content. 

Twitch is threatening Adin Ross for his content

In a video widely shared on social media, the creator claimed that a recent phone discussion with a senior person at Twitch resulted in a threat to suspend him indefinitely if he did not make significant changes to his programming.

“I just wanna say I was silenced and I’m gonna tell you what I was silenced by and what happened,” he said. “I had a week’s suspension on Twitch. And then when I got unsuspended on Twitch I streamed maybe two or three times after that. 

“Then once I was streaming… I got a call. I’m not gonna say specifically who it was, you know who you are. And you basically said if you keep doing controversial stuff and you keep saying certain things… we’re gonna have to take you down indefinitely. So I got a threat.” 

Adin went on to explain that he was shocked by the comments, which made him realize he could no longer “preach what I want to preach” to his audience.

He continued: “That made me realize this is not safe… So anyways I got that call from them. It spooked me a little bit… I don’t wanna change for anyone. This is what I’ve been on, this is me now.”

After concluding his remarks, he stated that he “truly doesn’t care” and will continue to do his own thing on the platform.

He did, however, disclose that he and his team are working on negotiating the Twitch warning and ensuring that he may create the content he desires without suffering a permanent or long-term ban from the platform.

Twitch does not comment on bans or other similar concerns.

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