Twitch bans emote: Twitch streamer BazzaGazza was left in shock when Twitch suddenly banned his emote bazzShake for having “sexual content”.

During his December 30, 2022, stream BazzaGazza revealed to his audience that his emote “bazzShake” has been removed from Twitch.

The emoticon in question depicts BazzaGazza’s mascot, a yellow kangaroo with a red scarf, waving his tail or twerking.

Twitch’s lack of communication prior to banning the emote enraged Bazza, sparking a heated debate regarding rule enforcement on Twitch.

This is on the back of other decisions made by Twitch and their staff, such as the banning of Jinnytty’s “yyjTasty” emote for the same reason of featuring “sexual content.”

Twitch bans bazzShake emote

Bazza was outraged when his emote was removed.

It’s worth noting that the official “Kreygasm” emote, which is supposed to imitate an orgasm in both the name and the emote content, is permitted.

He contrasted that to milder emotes of cartoon characters twerking, which have been deemed “too sexual” for Twitch.

Clip of BazzaGazza showing twitch emote ban:

Twitch appears to be cracking down on any emotes that include twerking. Several banned incidents involving the controversial dancing motion have occurred in the last year.

BigSyn, who was furious that his emote was not allowed on Twitch despite the platform hosting a whole hot tub section, was another casualty of the ban wave.

Kara Corvus also lost her twerking emote in July 2021, and other content creators reported that their emotes had been deleted as well.

Twitch, nor any of its reps or employees, have commented on the incident.

We are unlikely to receive an official explanation because this appears to be a scenario that has been growing for some years.

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