Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv is now permanently banned on GTA RP. In his post-ban tweet, he calls GTA RP players “miserable losers”.


  • GTA RP No pixel server has been constantly banning top Twitch players like xQc from their server.
  • Tyler ‘TrainwrecksTV’ Niknam is the next twitch streamer to get permanently banned on the the server.

GTA RolePlay is recovering very rapidly in Twitch with thousands of viewers joining
streams. However, many Twitch streamers have been using glitches as an advantage for
them and this has led No pixel admin’s to ban them.

The most recent ban was Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel who used a glitch to smuggle weapon inside
police state, after getting banned from the server he released an apology statement
stating that everything he did was wrong.

Now, another big streamer Trainwreckstv has been permanently banned from the GTA RP No Pixel server despite being on a break from streaming, he outlined in chat that he was “permabanned” from the server on March 10.

Moving on, he has now released a long tweet criticizing the server and players.

“I know there are many unsuccessful, miserable losers that gather on forums to comment on each other’s posts,” he addressed. This group supposedly band together to “rationalize the fear & insecurity [his] very existence instills within them.” he says in the tweet.

“I know it looks bad, but for a moment i ask you to give me the benefit of the doubt and look at it through an [unbiased] perspective. You will see this was just an attempt to protect the monopolization of power in the game for select streamers.”

As of now, there has been no official statement as to why he is banned from the server, but
it appears that he is banned for ‘meta gaming’. This is a term used for players who use
information from chat to plan their next move in any role-playing server.

“They permabanned me with no warning or no investigation,” he soon followed up. “I’m just their scapegoat to appease their Reddit community.”


However, xQc was temporarily banned despite violating rules multiple times but
Trainwreck is permanently banned for the first time only.

Anyhow, the Twitch Streamer has revealed his plans to join SSB World, another GTA
RP server.

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