Toxic Mavi has now officially joined 8bit creatives under their content creation section after parting ways with his ex Team Orange Rocks.

8bit creatives is also a part of S8UL eSports – one of the top PUBG Mobile teams and eSports organizations in India.

Orange Rocks is one of the oldest teams of PUBG Mobile India, they have won many big titles including ESL India Premiership, PUBG Mobile Pro League (Spring Split South Asia), VLT Major Invitational and many more.

Toxic Mavi or Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh was the IGL and also the core member of the team who led his team towards those victories.


On May 8, Orange Rock eSports waved farewell to their IGL through their official Instagram handle.

In the post they writes, “And someone goodbyes are harder than others!
Bidding our IGL adieu and wishing him all the luck in the world!
Thank you for memories and victories and everything!”

Who is Toxic Mavi?

Mavi is one of the oldest PUBGM player in India region. At the beginning of his journey he joined Team Indian Tigers which managed to score 2nd runner-up spot at the first PMCO and #6 in the PMCO Global Prelims.

However, after ending his contract duration with the team, he later joined Team Orange Rocks and it turned out to be the best decision of his career.

He played as an IGL for the team led them to multiple victories before the ban on PUBG Mobile. The ban was something that no one was expecting.

And after the ban many players turned to become content creators and Mavi was one of them. Currently, he has over 750,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 317,000 followers on Instagram.

Moving on, the player is now moving on with his professional career and have joined 8bit creatives as a content creator.

“The deadly assaulter and an absolute entertainer @mavi.harman is now a part of our talent roster for @8bit_creatives

“We are extremely delighted and thrilled to have such an esteemed & talented gamer on board with us!”

So now it is official that Toxic Mavi is joining 8bit creatives under content creations/talent roster.

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