In this list of the top 5 best games for android in 2019, we have listed all the New games which we recommend to you. All of them are different from each other and you must try them.


It is a 2d horror side-scrolling puzzle platform game.

It is a very simple and enjoyable game. DISTRAINT 2 is put us back in the role of Price, a person who has committed suicide because he had made some soul-draining life choices in the first game.

The game is not that well connected to its old version. The only thing we saw was a strange hospital visit and the odd drug trip.

The game’s duration is 2 times more than the DISTRAINT that is 2 hours long. If you have ever played DISTRAINT you will enjoy DISTRAINT 2.

Credit: Youtube/indiejames

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  • Cultist Simulator

It is a card-based game developed by British Indie Studio Weather. The mobile version of this game was developed by Playdigious.

Inside the game, players play the role of citizens of a nameless city in which their actions follows to create a cult-like following. The game consists of cards and buttons.

Cards represent: Persons, attributes like health or reason, emotions, locations, items, wealth, lore and others

The player starts with two cards: a career and one health.

Credit: MandaloreGaming

  • Whispers of a Machine

Whispers of a Machine is a Sci-fi Nordic Noir that tells the story of Vera, a cybernetically augmented detective in the post-AI world.

A special agent who is investigating murders.

The personality of Vera is somewhere similar to Kathy.  Vera is an “enhanced” woman, which means that she holds some extra abilities for her detective work. Some of them are from the beginning of the game and some you develop while playing the game.  The game is a bit rushed.

Most of the game is consist of talking, which every line is voiced of – very professionally and shown with well-drawn pictures of talking character.

Whispers of machine is a good game to try.

Credit: Joshiball

  • Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is an open- world battle royale game.

It is more like a combination of PUBG and Fortnite.

There are many things similar to FORTNITE like its gliding and building theme although there are limitations on what you can build with it.

Some of the things that you can build ranges from a simple barricade to AoE healing machines.

You can pick up three of your abilities and you will unlock more and more while playing the game.

You will be dropped on the desired location you choose onto a hoverboard.

You can climb anything in the game which opens up a world of creativity for players to try out new things in order to troll the enemy or create the 200iq gameplay.

We highly recommend this game because it is the best of the top 5 best games for android in 2019.
Credit: Yanrique Wright

  • Full Metal Monsters

It is a brand new game from Azur Games, Published by Ai Games Fz.

It is an Online 5v5 Multiplayer game for mobile. Inside the game, you play the role of a rider, control the dino, capture the flag points and shoot down enemies.

There are a lot of dinos inside the game which you can choose in the lobby just click on the dino it will show you its pros and cons. It depends upon what you choose.

Dino can also equip a Firearm.

Thanks for reading.

Credit: Mike Fringe