In this short article, we will cover the top 5 best the top 5 most expensive cars in GTA Online.

Vehicles play an important role in GTA 5, which greatly helps players to make more and more cash and RP also.

Because of this, GTA Online never wants to give its users a chance to get in trouble, especially when it comes to the numbers of vehicles available at player’s disposal.

If you have a lot of money but you do not want to spend your money on wasteful things, then you can put your money in a place where you do not regret spending money and that is the place to spend money on a car.

In this article, we will tell you about the best five cars – after spending your money these cars you will never regret a single penny.

5 of the most expensive cars in GTA Online

5) Progen PR4


This Open-wheel car is a very fast car and looks very beautiful in speed due to its open wheels tires and it maintains its speed smoothly while drfiting around on any curve turn.

This car has been inspired by a real-life car – Formula One racing car and its design is based on MP4. Due to the design of this Progen PR4 car, it is faster than other cars. And it is the most expensive open wheels car.

Price: $3,515,000

4) Grotti Vigilante

The car from the Batman movie, this car has been inspired by Batmobile. This car does not need much to tell about because it is already very famous, However, this car is known for its design and speed.

It would be best to do a ‘merry chase’ for leading the police in Los Angeles in this car. In addition to being attractive, this Grotti Vigilante is also capable of doing extraordinary things in GTA online.

Price: $3,750,000

3) Coil Rocket Voltic


This car is inspired by Lotus Alize and Tesla Roadster. This car is like a rocket ship.

This car is full of powerful boost which makes this an electric power speedster. The price of this car is very high, but people also believe that this car is worth this price, due to its rocket boost, it takes more time to recharge its boosters again.

Price: $3,830,400

2) Declasse Scramjet

This Declass scramjet car is a very powerful car. This car gets inspiration from an old-time 1960s hit anime speed racer. It is very famous in GTA Online.

There is no shortage in terms of performance in this car, this car has options for speed as well as weapons, this car can be purchased with more stock gas and carry, weapons in it one by one and it Can be made dangerous

1) Imponte Deluxo


This car has been built with inspiration from the back to the future and DeLorean DMC-12. This car is one of the entertaining cars, the main reason for its entertainment is that this car can also fly in the air

This bar can be stored in a regular garage in either MOC or GTA Online.

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