Today we are discussing Top 5 Most Annoying features in Fortnite after Season 4 update, these are all based on personal interest. Some of you may agree and some may not.

Fortnite x Marvel or Season 4 update has fixed a tons of issues from previous
seasons but there are multiple new features which can be annoying for anyone.

We are discussing only five of them which you may also be dealing with.

This list includes, weapons, equipments and special abilities of the characters in the game.

5. Loot Chest Spawns

Loot Chest Spawn is the most crucial part of any early game which can be
beneficial for anyone if they find a chest full of loot, usually these chest
spawns were not much random in the past seasons but Epic has decided
to make it more random and it has completely made early games harder than
ever before.

Because first, you do not know whether these Loot Chests will spawn at your
desired location or not, and second, evern if you drop onto some hot zones
there is very less chances of these chests to occur even there also.

And if you do not find any Loot Chest early while being in a Hot Drop Zone it
can be an instant elimination for you.

4. Charge Shotguns


Introduction of Charge Shotguns are not much welcomed by the players as
it can be really frustrating to use it time to time because of certain factors
of the weapon.

First of all the weapon is very inconsistent, sometimes it feels very powerful
while sometimes it is weak and slow, It all depends on the timing and your

Many players wants to get one of the old shotguns instead of this with a
pump added to its back.

3. Mobile port

Mobile Port of the game is still being neglected as the court case between
Apple and Epic Games continues. It all started with Epic Games adding
their own purchase system in the game.

After which Apple along with Google removed Fortnite from their stores
and now Fortnite is nowehere to be downloaded from any of these two
stores on Mobile Platform.

And those who already have Fortnite on their mobile devices are unable
to update there game for Season 4.

2. Boogie Bombs

Fortnite Season 4 is bringing back the old Boogie Bombs in the game for
players to use it inside the Battle Royale.

Boogie Bomb is a very controversial equipment of the game, which brings
a lot of grief to anyone who has been hit by it.

Anyone hit by Boogie Bombs is forced to dance for a couple of seconds, and
the only thing the affected player can do is jump around and move. It leaves
players open for all kinds of damage, and many are still against it.

1. Powers

Powers are the new thing in Fortnite which makes any character more lethal
in the form of mythic weapons or abilities, which are one of the Top 5 most annoying features in Fortnite.

There are many fun powers as well in the game, like Thor’s Mjolnir Strike, Wolverine’s Claws and the Silver Surfboard.

But there are also many powers which are very frustrating and are one
side beneficial, mythic weapons like the Arcane Gauntlets or Iron Man’s Unibeam these are very hard to dodge and can annoy any player.

These are all the Top 5 most annoying things in Fortnite for more keep following us follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay updated and follow our YouTube channel for gaming-related videos.


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