Top-5-League-of-Legends-Champions-To-Play -as-a-Beginner

League of Legends is one of the most popular games of the decade. The beginners have doubts and need some clarification as to how and which game they need to begin with. The aspiring gamers can begin their gaming interest by choosing to play very simple yet interesting League of Legends Champions. The players need to designate themselves as some important League of Legend Champion and then get going with the team. Some of the League of Legends champions for beginners are listed below. 


Ashe is one of the best champions suited for long-range playing and she is involved in providing the best utility to the game. For a beginner level, the kind of monsters one has to encounter is not too tough, so Ashe can be used as one of the best champions. She can slow down the enemies using her skills and also can handle the slow enemies. When you get to read the various tips under League of Counters, one can see that the champions can be countered by their skill set. 


Despite being a new player, you want to encounter some of the toughest enemies on the battlefield, then you need to choose Annie over the others. Annie is vested with a lot of powers that help her locate the exact enemy target. She can attack more than 4 enemies at a time using her magical spell. There aren’t too many controls to use Annie as League of Legends Champion and this is one of the reasons why Annie is preferred a lot. In case of any trouble, Annie can make a quick damage exit. 


If you are that type of player in a multiplayer game who doesn’t wish to engage in any sort of offensive activity but want to take part in the various defensive activity, one can make use of the League of Legend champion like Garen. He is one of the best out of the lot. He can withstand a lot of damage and make sure he doesn’t get hurt very easily. 


If you want to pick a champion that helps the other mates in the team so that his team could gather much strength to fend off the enemies, then you need to go for Soraka. One of the best parts of choosing Soraka is also that when you need urgent help, he can be the first one to go after. Whenever the health of the teammates falls below the level of 40, then Soraka comes to their rescue to increase their strength and capability. 


If you are looking for a champion that can juggle between a lot of fights in the team, then you need to go for Yi. The spell he casts on his enemies just flashes off them in a second. He is one of the champions who can deal with any kind of major attack. His resistance capacity is way too high. The level of damage he can handle is very applaudable. 

These are some of the champions in League of Legends which is not very difficult to handle and carry on with the gaming. Playing as these champions make the gaming experience even more interesting. Since there are more than 140 champions in the game, the beginners get confused about where and how, to begin with. This guide helps one to pick any one champion out of the 5 mentioned above. There are certain tips and tricks one could use to make the fullest use of these champions to play the game effectively.

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