Best Short Range Weapons in PUBG Mobile, the game features a ton of weapons for players to try out but not each of them are effective in short range, so here are your Top 5 Best short-range weapons in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile has total of 42 weapons including nades, molotovs etc.
but not each of them can perform in short-range firefights, like you
can not control Kar98K every time in a short-range quarrel.

There are guns in the game which are specifically made for short-range
fights and here is a list of five of these deadly guns.


Best Short Range Weapons in PUBG Mobile



UZI should be your top priortity for short-range firefights, because
of its less easy to control recoil and high fire rate.

UZI does 26 base damage, it takes 7 bullets to chest and 4 bullets to head in order to kill an enemy.

Apart from this UZI is also very mobile, you can easily shoot while
walking and running.

This is the best weapon for both rushing and short-range fire-fights.



UMP45 is our second choice because of its decent fire-rate and less
recoil, UMP45 is the second most damage dealing weapon in-game
after Tommy gun.

This is on second number in our list because of its weight, you can not
shoot and move with this SMG , because it slows down your movement
and you will be an easy target for your enemy.

UMP45 does 39 Base Damage and it takes 5 bullets in chest and 3 bullets
in head to kill an enemy.



S12K is a automatic shotgun which uses 12 gauge ammo, this can be a
nightmare for your enemies in close-range if you land your shots perfectly.

S12K have less reload time than any other shotgun and it does 198 base damage, it takes 1 bullet to either head or chest to kill an enemy.

S12K should be your first choice when you are landing in a high POI zone
like georgopol, military base etc.



Groza is a an assault rifle using 7.62mm bullets, but it is hard to find this
weapon as the only way to get it, is through air drops which attracts
a lot of players.

If you somehow manages to get a groza you will become nightmare for
everyone of the map, if your aim is good enough.

Groza is totally a killer weapon, it has the highest fire rate with a base
damage of 49, it takes 4 bullets to chest and 2 bullets to head to kill
an enemy.

The fire-fight of this weapon is so high that you 4 bullets will be a matter
of second, but with power comes difficulties, it is very hard to control
its recoil.



AKM is one of the most popular and used weapon in PUBG Mobile because
of its high damage and high fire-rate but it is also called as the pro’s gun
because of its very hard to control recoil.

If you somehow master AKM’s recoil, you can easily take down your enemy
in a matter of seconds.

AKM does 49 Base Damage, it takes 4 bullets to the chest and 2 bullets to
the head to kill an enemy, it is same as of Groza but Groza have a high
fire-rate than AKM and a bit less recoil also.

That’s all here are your Top 5 Best Short Range weapons for PUBG Mobile.

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