In this article, we will be listing the top 5 best matching pets for Chrono character we believe is currently available in Free Fire.

In the game Garena Free Fire, the most loved and strongest character is Chrono.

The character Chrono has some effective and very much useful ability that is Time-Turner, Basically, this ability creates a Circular cover all around the character which blocks bullets fired by the enemy on the character it also provide faster movement to the allies.

On the other side pets also play an important role because they also have some of their own ability like they can boost or aid the ability of the character.

In this article, we listed the top 5 matching pets with the strongest character Chrono.

Which is the best matching Free Fire pets for Chrono?

1 – Detective Panda


The pet Detective Panda known for their ability name “Panda’s blessings.”

When the player’s character kills any enemy they instantly get the healing of 4 HP.

Because of this ability, whenever Chrono kills any enemy then the character gets some extra HP to work around.

When this pet reaches his maximum level which is 3 then players starts to get 10 HP for every kill they secure.

This way you can fight a little longer or might win a match while using this pet and that is one of the reasons why it is in our best matching pets for Chrono character list.

2 – Rockie


The pet Rockie has some great abilities and one of them is to stay chill – it is available at the starting level, this ability decreases the cooldown time of Chrono’s equipped active skill by 6%.

When Rockie pet reaches level 7, the active cooldown timers decreases by 15% meaning it allows players to use the ability of Chrono frequently because of the reduced cooldown timer.

3 – Robo


The pet Robo also have one nice ability that is called “Wall Enforcement.”

This ability make the Gloo wall more strong than usual with a shield and generate an additional 60 HP.

Because of this ability, Chrono has both his HP and Gloo wall secured and take down enemies along with his friends.

4 – Spirit Fox


Spirit Fox also has a unique skill which is called “Well Fed.”

When enabled, this ability gives players an extra 4HP while using the Health kit.

This skill boosts at pet level 7 and skill level 3, at that level, it recovers an additional 10 HP when the player uses a health pack.

5 – Mr. Waggor


The ability of Mr Waggor’s is “Smooth Gloo”, this ability generates one Gloo Wall every 2 minutes when the players don’t.

The use of this ability becomes more advantageous when the player uses its while Chrono is in Cooldown Timer.

It helps the Chrono character to make a Gloo wall for protecting him from the damage of the enemy.

This list of best matching pets for Chrono character is completely based on individual opinion.

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