In this article, we have covered all the iron farms in the Minecraft Survival world. Iron is the basic and very essential ore in Minecraft. Iron is usually used in making weapons, armours, lanterns and shield and many more things.

Iron farm Is a basic need for all the players right now. iron farms usually work on a mechanism

Where players trap a few villagers and scare them with a zombie which led the villagers to spawn an iron golem for their protection.

Today I am showing you guys some of the best iron farms in Minecraft.

No zombie iron farm

Almost all farms require a zombie to scare the villagers so they can spawn the iron golem.

But on this farm, the villagers don’t be scared by anyone but they still spawn an iron golem in some interval of time.

This farm is easy to build but doesn’t provide much iron as other farms. This is a very good starter survival farm for your world. this farm produces 11 iron blocks per hour.

Simple zombie iron farm

In this farm, you require 3 villagers, 1 zombie and a name tag so the zombie won’t respawn in this farm the zombie scares the villager which led to spawning an iron golem.

The hardest part about this farm is to bring villagers and a zombie to their places. This farm produces 350 iron ingots per hour.

Iron farm in nether (portal based farms)

In this farm there is pillager who scares the villagers which makes them to spawn the iron golem.

Youtuber geekyboy has discovered this new technique which is quite more efficient and quick way to get more iron.

He is usually famous for his Redstone builds. This farm produces more than 700 ingots per hour.

Bedrock iron farm

Bedrock version iron farms  works on the different game mechanics.

You cannot use the java versions iron farms to build in bedrock version .

This is  a very good farm and easy to build this farm produces 420 iron inguts per hour.

Gnembon’s iron farm

Gnembon is usually known for its super-efficient farms he builds a very productive iron farm in which the iron golem spawns in few seconds and it depends on the user how many layers he wants to build and make the farm more efficient.

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