GTA V is one of the most popular open-world games in the GTA franchise and here is top 5 best games that are similar to GTA 5 for android 2020 edition.

GTA was the first game ever to feature big open-world maps which was very much popular since its release in 2001.

Now, there are a lot of Open-World games but the origin of all these games is Rockstar’s GTA franchise.

GTA 5 has already sold more than 15 million copies to date.

Well, unfortunately, Rockstar never officially made any mobile version of the game.

but luckily, we got our hands on some of the best games like GTA V which are available on android.

List of Best games like GTA V on Android

Starting with the game which has the name similar to GTA V.

Go To Town 5


Go To Town 5 is a more like GTA San Andreas version where you can lift weights, drive around the city and etc.

You can also fly a Helicopter, swim and complete different missions.

It features a grand city just like GTA tradition.

Graphics of the game is very much vibrant and colourful.

The handling of cars is a bit rough but you will get used to it after playing for some time.

Download: Go To Town 5

GTA V: Unity (Los Angeles Crimes)


GTA V: Unity is more like GTA online where you can play different missions like jumping from ramps, doing tricks etc.

It is also known as Los Angeles Crimes.

The graphics of the game is amazing for an android game.

There are a lot of bikes and cars which are available for you to drive around.

You will be playing as carl from GTA San Andreas in the beginning.

Shooting mechanism of the game is very much similar to the GTA V.

Moreover, the game is a bit addictive despite you spend most of the time in car roaming around ramps and stuff.

Download: GTA V: Unity APK

Gangster Vegas – Best Game like GTA V on Android


Gangster Vegas is the exact version of GTA V and a big title from Gameloft.

The game requires a huge 2.5GB space on any android device.

Gangster Vegas is the best and baddest of all the GTA clones for android in the market.

It is a story of an MMA Fighter “Jason Malone” who won a match which he swore to throw.

Now while being on the hitlist you decide to become the new Godfather of the city of sins “Vegas”.

From there your journey of becoming the biggest gangster starts.

Gangster Vegas offers more cars, bikes and etc than any other game.

Not only you have access to ground vehicles but also there are plenty of helicopters and aeroplanes to fly in.

You can not only kill humans but also Zombies because Gameloft doesn’t want you to get bored with the game.

Graphics of this game is better than any other game you will find on Android like GTA V.

It is the exact copy of GTA V and best till now.

Download: Gangster Vegas – Best Game like GTA V on Android

MadOut 2 BigCityOnline


One of the key factors of this game is you can play it online with 100 other players.

Second, you have access to over 30 cars and plenty of missions.

You can crush, crash other cars while racing.

It is an Open-World game which has a racing mode.

You can roam around the city doing crimes, blowing cars etc.

Enough of Pros, now let’s talk about its Cons which is it features a lot of ads which is annoying but the graphics and physics of the games cover it up for the game.

Download: MadOut 2 BigCityOnline

Grand Gangsters 3D


Grand Gangsters 3D is more of a thief game.

In the game, you will be completing six different types of vehicle theft missions.

Using 15 different weapons.

And after lockPicking cars when you will be chased by Police you will have four big sections of the map to hide into.

You can also explore these four sections of the map.

The game is pretty small but yet full of enjoyment.

The graphics of the game is very attractive and colourful.

Download: Grand Gangsters 3D

Well, that is all the best games that you will find similar to GTA 5 on android to date.

If we get any other good game just like GTA we will keep you updated on our Twitter or if you know any other make sure to hit the comment section with your game.

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