Top 3 Best Gaming Mouse 2019 | Buyer’s Guide

In this article, I have listed the top 3 gaming mice out of thousands of mouse out there. I have selected these pro gaming mice on the basis of two main factors, first their trend in the current market and second its quality. I have listed them randomly it’s not like that mouse on 1st position is the best one of all the three.

Gaming gears can improve your game by 5% to 10%. And it could be a little bit of mess in choosing best mice out of thousands of mouse available in the market.

What are the Best Companies for gaming mice?




You all must be familiar with this that we all once had a simple boing mouse which just had only two buttons and nothing else, and in order to use your push to talk you needed to reach out to a key which was far away from your “WASD” key and that was a heck of hell, I had also experienced the same but I left my old simple boring mouse back in 2015 when I got my first ever gaming mice and oh boy it totally changed my gameplay experience now I can control a lot of keys right from my mouse and customize it according to myself.

Let’s just look right into the top 3 pro gaming mice for 2019.

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Logitech G502

Pro gaming mice

The first thing that comes up in my mind about this mouse is “It is a beast”. It has made Logitech one of the best gaming company in the market.

It is a USB gaming mouse and the best choice for any gamer who plays a lot of FPS games.

The sensor on this mouse is “Pixart PMW 3366”.

It has 11 buttons, yeah you heard me right it has 11 freaking buttons which you can program according to your convenience and to do that Logitech has its official gaming software.

It has DPI of 12,000 Max and 200 Minimum, you can change the DPI while playing the game and which means you can change and check whether its good or not at the same time

It has fully customizable  RGB lighting.

Fits in Budget

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It also has a wireless version of it Logitech G502 “Lightspeed” Wireless.

It has 2 different option for the scroll wheel: “Click to Click” which works like a normal mouse and “Hyperfast” which is a bit faster than click to click.

And yeah what else do you want from a gaming mice. I highly recommend this mouse because it is the Best gaming mouse in 2019.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Which is the best gaming mouse?

This is the updated version of the most popular gaming mouse in the world which is “Razer DeathAdder Chroma”.

The modifications made in this mouse are two brand new sensitivity buttons and the nubs on the scroll wheel.

It is a lightweight shooter’s mice.

It has Optical sensor.

The sensor is based on PMW-3389.

USB Gaming mouse.

6 customizable buttons.

16,000 DPI.

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There are two things which are still common in both Elite and Chroma version which are, first its design and second both are Ergonomic which means they are best suitable for right-handed gamers, but Razer has created a Left-handed version of Elite and It is also one of the modifications.

If you want mice which is not big and don’t have many buttons then this is the best gaming mouse in 2019 for you

Corsair Sabre RGB

Cheapest Gaming Mouse

This mouse is also good for FPS games and it is a bit cheaper than any other.

It is designed in order to make you feel comfortable and have a good game.

The design is simple, the body is made of black plastic with a matte finish.

It is a lightweight mouse weighing about only 100g.

DPI capacity of 100 to 10,000.

The polling rate of Maximum 1000hertz.

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It is a good gaming mouse for those who don’t have a big budget because although it’s a great gaming mouse we recommend to put an extra 10$ and buy DeathAdder Chroma. Chroma is the most recommended and popular pro gaming mouse in the world which now has an updated version called Razer DeathAdder Elite.

It has 8 programmable buttons.

2 thumb buttons.

The mouse is made for Left-handed gamers.

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