The survival game trend is still going strong in 2022, If you’re looking for something to play soon, today we’ve got 10 games from the survival genre, or games with survival gameplay elements that you should keep an eye on this year.

List of Top 10 Survival Games 2022

V Rising


V Rising Now, this is a bit of a different game. Rather than being a survival game as a human, this is a title that puts players Into the role of a vampire.

In this, players are awakened from a slumber that lasted centuries. And weak and needing blood, you begin your journey of gathering up easy prey before you’re able to kind of rebuild your castle and your whole vampire life if that’s what you wanna call it.

However, being a vampire means sticking to the shadows during the day and thriving in the open at night.

It’s open-world and you’ll be able to play online, Either competitively or cooperatively, which could make for some pretty interesting situations.

Be a vampire, raider, or a diplomat, you’re gonna have a lot of choices it seems.

Ultimately, “V Rising” is pretty cool, and we definitely 100% recommended it if you’re playing on PC.

Little Devil Inside


Little Devil Inside will probably catch your attention immediately If it hasn’t already from a visual standpoint.

It’s a unique-looking,3D-action-adventure, light survival title from the indie studio Neostream.

Now, overall, the game puts players to the task of hunting down and taking out creatures that lurk in this fantastical world. And, from what the developers have claimed, “Little Devil Inside” takes on some mechanics similar to the “Harvest Moon” series.

In this game, players are hunting down creatures as a job, and you’re also going through everyday life unfolding. From going on missions, and gathering your resources, to other diversions, it looks as if “Little Devil Inside” is a game that has plenty of survival elements, even if they’re a bit simplified.

To keep alive you’ll have to endure the hostile weather conditions, fish, and cook to keep your vitals up.

Now, we’re gonna combine two games in one point because they’re actually kind of similar, but they’ve both gained traction, so we figured they were worth mentioning.



The first game is “Rooted.” This is a third-person-ish survival game set in a post-apocalyptic abandoned world, where, of course, there’s a big focus on gathering materials and building a base and all that in this very gorgeous-looking unreal Engine 5 woods, but also you’re exploring abandoned buildings and warehouses that have become overgrown.

 It looks eerie and creepy and lonely. That being said, it also looks very early.

There are some parts that look pretty janky and not so hot. So we’re gonna judge it more when we see more and we get to actually get our hands on it. But some people found it interesting, so we wanted to mention it.



Another game that’s very similar, that also has been gaining traction, is called “Derelicts.” This is also a very small project made by a very small team of one person.

And this is a first-person open-world survival game With abandoned elements, creatures, and some sci-fi elements.

It is also running in Unreal Engine 5 and it does actually look pretty gorgeous.

This one looks a little more complex than “Rooted,” but since they are kind of similar situations we did wanna just give them a mention here.

Both of them don’t have release dates, but we’re keeping an eye on them.



Nightingale Now, this is an open-world, first-person, PvE survival game that just immediately seems like way more than other typical survival games

I mean, look at the style. It’s clearly fantasy styled, but also a kind of late1800s gas lamp style.

Meaning more fun gadgets, musket-style weapons, and cool looks to your characters.

Now, along with that, some really incredible monster enemy designs. You’re fighting, you’re questing alone or with other friends, and you’re building.

But you’re building cool buildings and operations from the time period.

 Now, the magic spin on this, while still kind of mysterious, just seems really compelling, too.

Story and objective-wise, the game itself describe you as being stranded in a mystical world and you need to become a skilled Realmwalker and navigate through all of these interdimensional portals to find the last bastion of humanity. Sounds crazy.

Dead Matter: Best horror survival game of 2022


 Dead Matter Now, this game has a long history, after many delays and crowdfunding campaigns, and pushes.

It still either way has a lot of potentials. This is a new open-world,survival-horror-type game.

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, players are dropped into a post-apocalyptic world where zombies flood the world, which sounds like pretty much every other game.

But as you can see from the gameplay on screen here, it’s a little different. You gotta scavenge for items and seek shelter.

And it’s a mix of video games you’re probably already familiar with, like “Tarkov” or “DayZ.” There’s a lot of working with other players or fighting against hostile players that are trying to get your stuff.

Moreover, the developers behind this game, Quantum Integrity Software, are also making a game that focuses on customization here.

There are plans to bring full modding support to the Steam Workshop. So there’s a potential of other players Really lending a hand in crafting something unique for this when it finally does launch.

It is number one out of the top 10 best horror survival games to look out for in 2022

Occupy Mars: The Game


 Occupy Mars: The Game is a simulation survival game. Now, as you can probably already tell from the title, players are tossed onto Mars where the goal is to sustain life.

This is done in a couple of different ways. First, you’ll need to gather enough resources to build up different structures.

And then from there, You need to actually ensure there’s enough power to keep the different places built online.

Managing all types of things like, of course, power, oxygen, atmosphere, food, all that. Now, this is a mix of simulation and strategic gameplay, from mining for goods and building solar panels to get power.

It might not be for everyone but for those that enjoy the wonders of space and are down to really play out what life could potentially be like when we start to colonizers, “Occupy Mars: The Game” Might be worth picking up when it launches, likely, later this year.

Night is Coming


 Night is Coming Now, this survival-building game is slated for 2022, and frankly, it looks sick.

To combine survival and building elements with a horror fantasy world seems like a brilliant combination.

You basically build out your own settlements, piece by piece, managing every element to keep people alive.

From cutting down trees and doing lumber To hunting, finding food, and farming. But there are encroaching dark evil forces, and that’s where what really looks like some pretty engaging combat comes in.

And I love a deep town settlement builder, but when you throw in some really, really cool character and loot designs and some really cool enemy and creature designs, that seems to be a match made in heaven.

It’s one of the cooler-looking survival games coming this year 2022 and we really hope it lives up to it.

Frostpunk 2


Frostpunk 2 The original “Frostpunk” brought players a tough strategy game, as they attempted to build up a city in a harsh, never-ending winter.

In it, players had really limited resources and a group of survivors to please that needed a lot.

Every choice you made was a critical one to keep everyone alive. So on paper, it’s not quite a survival game, but you really get the same desperate sensation.

Now, with the sequel in the works, we’re uncertain of just exactly when we’ll get our hands on this one, it seems like this year.

And in “Frostpunk 2, “players will once again be put back into the frigid storm the world is undergoing.

But while the first game is based around a coal system to heat and power up the city, this upcoming one seems to be all about oil extraction.

And as a result, players can expect Another difficult survival, strategy city-builder experience.

You can also probably expect quite a few critical choices to pop up, which could flood precious resources into the city or turn the citizens against you, resulting in your demise which happens a lot in the first game.

If it’s anything like that, these decisions will be absolutely crushing and hard to make. And we’re sadistic and we’re looking forward to that.

Sons of the Forest


The next game making its way on the list of top 10 survival games in 2022 is:

Sons of the Forest Now, the first game, “TheForest,” from Endnight Games, was a survival title, as players were stuck in the woods looking for a means of escape and survival.

It was a mix of survival and just a constant threat of creepy hostile enemies that left fans really digging it. That thing took off.

Now, there are still players discovering that game to this day. But there is a sequel coming, it’s been in the works for a minute, It’s called “Sons of the Forest,” and players are seemingly taking a trek back into the woods as a means to hunt down supernatural elements that lurk within it.

From what we can tell so far there is more emphasis on survival, with the players having to gather various resources and of course, more hostile enemies lurking within the woods in the dark.

You’ll find that they can attack you and destroy your fortified base, which means that all that hard work might have to be completely redone before nightfall hits.

If you played the first one, you know the drill. And if it is anything like the first game, it’ll be a brutal yet satisfying traditional survival game.

Raft: Best survival game of 2022


Raft seems like a really good combination of a traditional survival game like “ARK,” or something like that, mixed with something a bit more fun, like “Subnautica” or “Stranded Deep,” with some boat-building co-op shenanigans like “Sea of Thieves.”

It is the number one out of the top 10 best survival games for 2022 according to our opinion.

I really think that the pitch is right there. That’s really it. I think that’s the win.

There are so many games out there from this genre that just doesn’t really bring anything fun or new, but “Raft seems to be doing it right.

Celebrating some games that came before it, using those elements, but just with a fun, different spin.

You slowly build out a big floating home ship and try to survive a journey across a massive ocean.

Of course, you have to worry about not dying In the traditional survival ways, but also sharks. So, yeah, as I said, it seems like this one is worth checking out if you’re really into the genre.

But those are 10 survival games worth keeping an eye on throughout 2022.

If you got a new upcoming survival game that you’re looking forward to this year, even if it just has some survival elements, whether it’s a AAA big game or an indie game, let us know what you’re looking forward to or currently playing on our Twitter.

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