Today, on Gamecheckup, the top 10 new upcoming games you need to pay attention to in October 2022. Every month, Gamecheckup goes through all of the games coming out and tries to figure out which ones are most worth paying attention to. And that’s this.

List of Top 10 new upcoming Games 2022

Overwatch 2

I think this is probably one you’re not going to be able to not pay attention to if you don’t want to.

This takes the popular “Overwatch,” which was not a free-to-play game, it was something that cost money to play, makes it free-to-play, replaces the old game, and opens it up to anybody who wants to play it.

They’ve moved over from six versus six to five versus five, they’ve added a number of new characters, and I’m sure they’ve figured out some interesting new ways to make money, given it’s free.

You got the Battle Pass and I know there’s a $40 package.

There is no point buying a $40 package for a free-to-play game, but, hey, I’m not the target audience for paying money for a free game.

I doubt the marketing team was up late at night trying to figure out how to get the microtransaction critic audience.

I am actually excited about “Overwatch 2.”

For me, six versus six was a little too chaotic.

Bringing it down to five versus five, I think, is a really good idea.

But I’m also somebody who chose “Valorant” over the original “Overwatch,” so, I mean, the opinion is
a little biased on that.

“Overwatch 2” is out on October 4th on PC, the PlayStations, the Xboxes, and Switch.


On the list of Top 10 new upcoming games in 2022 at number nine is “DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS.”

Basically, if you take the concept of an asymmetrical horror, survival multiplayer game, and instead of having horror, it’s a “Dragon Ball” game, there you go.

It’s kind of an interesting version of it though in that it’s a one versus seven online asymmetrical game, and you almost never take control like normal people in the “Dragon Ball” universe, in any “Dragon Ball” game, and that’s precisely what you’re doing here.

One player is Cell, Freeza, or Buu, and the other players are just normal, non-powerful randoms who have to either avoid or find a way to take on the raider.

Now, this is a genre that can feel a little played out, but, in all honesty, I think this looks like a fresh take on it.

“DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS” is coming to PC, the PlayStations, the Xboxes, and Switch on October 14th.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

On number eight is “A Plague Tale: Requiem”

The sequel to “A Plague Tale: Innocence,” is the indie stealth narrative experience set in inland France during the course of the plague.

You were a young woman whose brother has sort of dark power over him.

He’s able to control the rats, which, obviously, is very tied to the plague.

What we’ve learned about the sequel is that Hugo is going to be a lot more active.

There are a lot more mechanics involving him actually controlling the rats.

And it’s not like that didn’t exist in the first game but it’s expanded upon here.

Narratively speaking, it also looks just a lot grander, a lot darker.

But also set in the South of France so a lot prettier and more colorful, despite the fact the story’s probably actually a lot more serious and grim.

It looks just like a huge improvement over the first game, and also, it’s supposedly going to be longer than the first game, which is good.

The first game, that’s probably the main complaint I have about it.

It probably could have gone on a little longer.

I love “Plague Tale: Innocence.”

I’m really excited about “Plague Tale: Requiem.”

It’s landing on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series on October 18th.

Victoria 3

On the list of Top 10 new upcoming games in 2022 at number seven is “Victoria 3.”

The sequel to the 2010 grand strategy game, “Victoria 2,” a simulation of 100 years from 1836 to 1936.

I think a very interesting era to simulate in this form.

Grand strategy, of course, you got the city building, you got the battle, you got the management, You got all that stuff, exploration.

You really have a lot of flexibility.

Let’s say you wanna do an industrial society, or let’s say you don’t.

Let’s say you wanna do a traditional, agrarian, minimalist society.

It’s all there. You can do all of it. You got the ability to research new technology.

In addition to that, you have the ability to regulate and control the industry and make all the deals.

And of course, you have the ability to be a tyrant.

You could suck if you want, ’cause you have the choice of balancing the needs of your workers with employing the labor force. Why not? Why not play an evil run, you know? “Victoria 2” was a pretty great game, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to be expanding upon the scope of that game a lot from the looks.

But even if they weren’t, even if they were just bringing that game into a new generation and making it visually better and function like a modern game, “Victoria 3” would probably be worth it.

I expect it to be quite good. “Victoria 3” comes out on PC on October 25th.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

And number six is “Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed.”

A 4v1 Ghostbuster versus ghost, asymmetrical multiplayer game.

Both the teams are obviously very, very different. When you’re a Ghostbuster, it’s a first-person shooter.

You’re on a team of three human players. You’re tracking ghosts, you’re catching them, undoing the damage done by them, et cetera.

And when you play as a ghost, it’s just you, You control the ghosts, and you basically are trying to scare all of the non-player characters in the location by making loud noises, possessing stuff, you know, haunting.

This comes to us from the same developer that has pretty much done all of the good if shortlived asymmetrical multiplayer games, “Friday the 13th,” “Predator: Hunting Grounds.”

This one seems different enough.

Like it has its own mechanics to such an extent that it feels like it might have some staying power.

It looks pretty clever.

And of course, it’s charming as all hell.

You got Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd in the game.

I mean, in all honesty, it actually looks like a fresh take on this genre.

And I said in the “Dragon Ball” point, it’s easy for this to see ’em played out.

So it’s cool that we are actually seeing versions of this, two of them this month, that have potential.

“Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed” comes to PC, the PlayStations, and the Xboxes on October 18th.

New Tales from the Borderlands


On the list of Top 10 new upcoming games in 2022 at number five is “New Tales from the Borderlands.”

If you remember, “Tales from the Borderlands” was a Telltale Games series.

This one is the same idea, probably gonna play pretty much the same, except for it’s actually developed by Gearbox, the creators and developers of all of the “Borderlands” games, save for “Tales from the Borderlands.”

Interestingly enough, they hired a few people from the original game’s development team because, as you know, although Telltale Games exists now, it exists in a different state in which a lot of the original
employees are not there.

So I think that it’s fair to assume this is going to be a competent version of “Tales from the Borderlands.”

And obviously, all these games exist in the same universe, continuity, I think, so I don’t think that it changes anything from “Tales from the Borderlands,” but they consider it standalone so it doesn’t depend on the story of the original “Tales from the Borderlands.”

It is gonna have five episodes, but all of them are gonna be released at one time, rather than over the course of several months, or even years, with some of these various Telltale-likes.

It picks up about a year after “Borderlands 3,” and I think that’s everything you need to know. “New Tales from the Borderlands” is landing on the PC, the PlayStations, the Xboxes, and Switch on October 21st.

Bayonetta 3

And number four is “Bayonetta 3.”

If you know old Falcon from a while back, “Bayonetta” is, of course, a series I hold near and dear to my heart.

Really, just a fantastic Platinum Games series that has never failed in my opinion.

When they picked it back up to make a sequel for Nintendo Switch, I was a little confused as to the platform, but I didn’t care.

I was just happy to get more “Bayonetta” ’cause the first one is just hack and slash bliss.

It’s such a fantastic game. The second one is equally great.

It ups the ante, and, apparently, that’s the goal here as well. This particular entry into the series is about preventing the destruction of many worlds.

There’s a new enemy known as the singularity, and there are various non-heavenly threats, manmade monsters, and Homunculi.

You’ve heard the word before, but they’re using it here like its novel, it’s not.

Tons of Japanese media have Homunculi it, “Fullmetal Alchemist,”. If I’m gonna be completely honest, I couldn’t care less what the story is, I know it’s gonna be completely insane because it’s “Bayonetta.”

Take me on the ride. “Bayonetta 3” is landing on Nintendo Switch on October 28th.



On the list of Top 10 new upcoming games in 2022 at number three is “Scorn.”

A game we have talked about for free for a very, very long time. It was first announced way back in 2014 as “Dasein.”

I wanna say we started following it here in 2017, and we’ve talked about it on and off since then.

This is kind of a Tool album cover as “The Witness,” which is basically how I understand it now.

It’s a body horror kind of techno-organic structure that looks both gross and technological at the same time.

There is also some plain-ass FPS shooting, but all of the biomechanical weapons look painful, not just to, you know, shoot people with, but just to exist.

They look like pure pain. It’s one of those games where I think “Agony” kind of messed up the perception of the genre, where this looks pretty different than “Agony,” actually.

Honestly, from everything I’ve seen in recent years, it looks like they’re going for a puzzle game, of course, with a healthy dose of survival horror.

And I’m interested to see how this comes out, good or bad, to be clear.

Just to be clear, this could turn out bad and still be an incredibly interesting game that’s worth paying attention to.

I don’t think it’s gonna be. I think it’s probably gonna be good.

I’m gonna be playing it when it lands on PC and the Xbox Series on October 21st.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

And number two is “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.”

which sounds weird to say, but it’s the sequel to the 2019 reboot. And it is a direct sequel.

It features a lot of the same characters and the story takes place three years after the 2019 reboot.

Basically, it starts after a missile strike from the United States, killing a foreign general, and Task Force 141,
the unit from the game, is basically trying to contain this situation, stop it from getting much, much more complicated and a bigger problem.

This is also the first “Call of Duty” to be released on Steam in like a long time.

I thought the reboot was quite good, and I am excited to see more of it. It’s cool that they have decided to continue this series in a more realistic fashion, ’cause the original “Modern Warfare” series got pretty absurd, almost science fiction eventually.

So we’ll see exactly how this one plays out when it comes out on PC, the PlayStations, and the Xboxes, and it will do so on October 28th.

Gotham Knights

And finally, On the list of Top 10 new upcoming games in 2022 at number one, is “Gotham Knights.”

It is an action RPG that comes to us from WB Games Montreal, the developers of “Arkham Origins.” It stars Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and the Red Hood, and it is set in an open-world Gotham City in the aftermath of Batman’s death.

Now, I’m gonna go ahead and say this, I don’t think Batman is dead. I think that that’s probably what everybody thinks going into this, and I think you’ll probably find him at some point.

I don’t know that he’ll be playable at any point. If he is, maybe it’ll be a DLC or a secret character.

But I have a feeling, given the Gotham Knights investigate Batman’s disappearance, they’ll find him.

The bad guys are the Court of Owls, which is a very old secret society.

It’s probably gonna be an interesting game. It’s kind of a big swing, so if it connects probably
gonna be a home run.

“Gotham Knights” is landing on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series on October 21st.

Few bonus games for you, starting with “Dakar Desert Rally,” a game that bills itself as the biggest off-road rally racing adventure ever developed.

That’s landing on PC, the PlayStations, the Xboxes, and Switch on October 4th.

Moving on to “Mountain & Blade 2: Bannerlord.”

We’ve put this in bonus ’cause it’s been in Early Access for a while. The game is great.

It’s absolutely worth your time. It’s landing on the PlayStations, the Xboxes.

I don’t know that it’s coming out of Early Access on PC, and I don’t care ’cause it’s great.

Seriously, it’s a very enjoyable game. That’s landing on October 25th.

And that’s all for today. Leave us a comment. Let us know what to think. You can also reach out to us on Twitter.

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